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God Wars Receives Enhanced Edition


God Wars: Future Past

Kadokawa Games has announced an enhanced edition of tactical RPG God Wars: Future Past for Japan. The new edition of the game see it released on Nintendo Switch, with the enhanced version also coming to the game's original PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita platforms.

God Wars' enhanced edition will include all of the original content of the game, plus its upcoming The Labyrinth of Yomi expansion, with the expansion also be available to purchase for those with the original release. The new version will also include new playable characters, a boosted maximum party size to eight from six, faster battle speed, unlocked level and skill limits, new game plus elements, new story episodes, new endings, and new music.

No announcement has been made regarding a release date of the enhanced edition in Japan, or regarding a western release for the expansion. Those looking to read more about God Wars: Future Past can check out Joshua Carpenter's review of the North American PlayStation 4 version.

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