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God Wars Expansion Detailed Further


God Wars: Future Past

Kadokawa Games recently revealed more details and some screenshots for its upcoming expansion to strategy RPG God Wars: Future Past. The Labyrinth of Yomi adds an extra large, fifty-stage dungeon, with the company stating the expansion will feature hours of content than the main game itself.

The titular Labyrinth of Yomi is deep underground in the mountains of Izumo and the final resting place for the dead. In each of its fifty stages, players will be given a rating (Average, Good, or Excellent) based on the damage dealt to enemies as well as the number of turns taken. The expansion significantly ups the maximum level of characters, with the dungeon designed for characters from level 70 up to level 199.


God Wars' expansion will also add new playable characters. The main new character is Momotaro, the first prince of Hyuga and Kaguya's rival. He will be joined as a playable character by his companions Inu, Saru, and Kiji, with new story content depicting the group's tale. The expansion's story will also dive further into Kaguya's past, including showing her first meeting with Kintaro. Multiple endings are also a feature of the expansion, with three possible endings depending on the player's choices.

The Labyrinth of Yomi is currently planned for release in Japan this winter for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. No announcement has been made regarding a western release for the expansion. Those looking to read more about God Wars: Future Past can check out Joshua Carpenter's review of the North American PlayStation 4 version.

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