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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Rated by ESRB


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

North American RPGamers have just been given hope that Final Fantasy IV: The After will no longer remain an unattainable object we are forced to watch others play with through the bulletproof glass of the Pacific Ocean. Originally a Japanese mobile game unlikely to ever make it overseas, The After details the story of what occurred 17 years after Square's classic Super Nintendo RPG Final Fantasy IV.

The ESRB has given an E rating to Final Fantasy IV: The After Years for the Wii, a slightly changed title but unquestionably the same game. Seeing as this was an ESRB leak, there is no confirmation whether the game will be available as a retail release or on the WiiWare download service. A WiiWare release is more likely, considering the Japanese version's episodic format. The game is currently being released in multiple mobile chapters rather than all at once. Whether the game could also be released in an episodic format for the Wii or as a package is unknown.

Of course, just because a game is rated does not mean it will ever see a release, but at the least there is now more of a chance for a North American release than before. RPGamer has a staff review blog available for more information on the mobile version of the game.

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Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
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