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Moogles Set to Raid Europe


Final Fantasy XII

In a recent announcement by Square Enix Ltd., a large launch party is scheduled for the release of Final Fantasy XII into Europe. Set for release next week on February 23rd, the European launch of Final Fantasy XII will give gamers a chance to win some exclusive prizes. Fans of the series will be able to meet the executive producer and director of the game, Akitoshi Kawazu and Hiroshi Minagawa. They will be present at the festivities, and will sign games, prizes, and answer any questions gamers might have.

The first 100 people to purchase the game at the event will receive an exclusive soundtrack available only at the launch, featuring five songs from the game, as well as a Moogle plushie, currently not available for purchase in the UK. The next 200 in line will receive the soundtrack as well. Lines open for the purchase of the game at 12:00pm, but wristbands will be handed out starting at 9:00am to secure places in line. Gamers will also be able to sign up to win a trip for two to Japan. Purchase is not necessary to enter this contest.

Lastly, a cosplay competition is being held for anyone who wishes to dress up for the party. Square Enix representatives will be at the event looking for the best costumes, and awarding those people with prizes. The party will run until 2:00pm, and is held at the HMV in London, located on 150 Oxford Street.

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Final Fantasy XII
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