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Blizzard North Now Hiring



A recent update on developer Blizzard's official website announced that the company is now searching for a new lead game designer to manage the same team that constructed Diablo and Diablo II for the PC. The position is quite demanding, requiring applicants to have:

  • Shipped at least one AAA title as Lead Game Designer.
  • An absolute passion for playing and making computer games.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Experience with designing, tuning, and balancing games.
  • A great sense for what makes a game fun to play.
  • An ability to lead a team of designers to consensus.
Experience with RPG titles was mentioned as an added plus.

Aside from the obvious fact that Blizzard is hiring for its Diablo team, several peices of information surrounding this announcement have lead to speculation that Diablo III might be on the horizon. This theory has arisen namely from Blizzard's notification that patch 1.10 will be the final content update patch, but the four-year timespan since the last Diablo II expansion pack was released is also a contributing factor to this rumor. But the rumor still remains a rumor; nothing has been officially disclosed.

Those who believe themselves capable of meeting Blizzard's standards should make their way to the Blizzard website to submit their resume.

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