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Anarchy Online Free Trial Offer Extended


Anarchy Online

Last month, Funcom announced that players creating a new account in Anarchy Online before January 15th, 2005, would be given all of the year 2005 to play the game for free. In a press release dated January 14th, the company announced an extension to that offer. Now the offer is available to all new accounts opened in the year 2005, with current plans to take the free trial into 2006 as well.

Just like the previous offer, no credit card is required to open an account, which comes without client cost or subscription fee. The only thing creating potential spending to players is the temptation to try the content of Anarchy Online's expansion packs, which would require a client cost and a monthly fee. The game is constantly setting personal records, with more active players now than seen in the early post-launch times in 2001.

"The free initiative has been a tremendous success" says Ole Schreiner, Project Director for Anarchy Online. "Throngs of new players have entered the game and created a vibrant pioneer feeling for all those who see the wonders of Anarchy Online for the first time. Even though our servers and customer service have been under strong pressure, it's assuring to see our technology holding up with such stability."

Trond Arne Aas, President and CEO of Funcom added, "Seeing the great feedback from the free offer we are aiming to extend it into 2006 and beyond should it prove to be a continued success. We are happy to be part of something which has sent such positive waves throughout the MMO communities, while significantly lowering the entrance barrier to enter Anarchy Online."

To check this offer out for yourself, take a look here.

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