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Funcom Eliminates Anarchy Online's Monthly Fees


Anarchy Online

Taking an unusual action, Funcom has put a temporary stop to subscription fees attached to popular MMORPG Anarchy Online. Making things even easier, a credit card registration is no longer required for account creation. Trond Arne Aas, President and CEO of Funcom, said in the press release, "Funcom has always been recognized as an inventive MMO developer. This unique move will allow us to test important new business models prior to announcing future online games, while also giving everyone the chance to experience the best online sci-fi RPG totally free of cost."

But of course, there is a catch to this. Free subscriptions are only available to players starting a new account. This means those looking at this as an opportunity to improve their already-brutal characters at no cost may be met with some disappointment, as they will still have to shell out a monthly fee to keep their old accounts. Nonetheless, if willing, current players can simply start a new account to take advantage of the offer. Additionally, the free subscription will not last forever, but expire on January 1, 2006. To qualify for this deal, MMORPGamers must create a new account before January 15th, 2005. Those interested can give this offer a lookover here, or, for more information on the game itself, visit the game's official site.

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Anarchy Online
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