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More Final Fantasy XI Expansion Details Appear


Final Fantasy XI

As previously reported, Square Enix is preparing to expand Final Fantasy XI by adding several new dimensions to the game, including a new limbo area. New details regarding that expansion have surfaced, including special adjustments to the game and the possibility of an expansion title.

Square Enix has trademarked the title "Promathia no Jubaku" in Japan and "Chains of Promathia" in the United States. While trademarks are not a solid confirmation of actual titles, it should be noted that these titles are significantly related to the mythology of Final Fantasy XI. According to the lore of Vana'diel, the benevolent goddess Altana created the world, and the five races were born from her tears. Promathia is the name of the evil goddess who opposed Altana and created the hordes of beastmen that continually threaten the existence of Altana's children.

In a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation, the development team of Final Fantasy XI revealed new details about future upgrades. According to the team, the new limbo area will be suitable for large groups of high level players, such as 18 member alliances, and it will feature new quests. Currently, the team's primary focus is developing the limbo area. In addition, player-versus-player (but not player-killer) is coming to Vana'diel, but it is not related to the previously announced limbo area. PvP will be tied to special new story elements, and the team is making preparations to integrate the new feature into the game. In addition to balancing the job classes, several other elements of gameplay may be modified before PvP is implemented. The team is also considering refining the weapon skills system and raising the level cap.

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