Microsoft Dishes Out the Asheron's Call 2 Info
Asheron's Call 2

During Microsoft's PC Games International Games Festival, held in Las Vegas this week, the company reminded the world that a sequel for Asheron's Call is in the works. First announced a full year ago, the company has finally given a bit more information as to what the title will entail. Asheron's Call 2 is being developed by Turbine Entertainment, the creator of the first title.

One of the most important aspects of MMORPGs is the actual game world, and thanks to the developer's new Turbine Engine G2 graphics engine, gamers can expect a more immersive experience, complete with evolution of the game world based on the player's actions. Of course, as grandma always says, graphics aren't everything. Turbine is promising a new combat system, but will also allow gamers to develop their other less malevolent skills as well.

"Core to the appeal of heroic fantasy is the ability to make your mark on the world around you," said Stuart Moulder, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios. "Asheron's Call 2 delivers this with an engine that allows players to genuinely affect the landscape and story of the world, combined with graphics that rival some first-person shooters. We expect Asheron's Call 2 to elevate online gaming, and our players in the process."

The game's story revolves around a world that has been destroyed, and it's up to the multitudes of gamers to restore it to its former glory. Players will be faced with numerous challenges, both natural and political in nature. During the course of the game, there will be three main factions that gamers will be able to join and consequently help to thrive.

"Designing Asheron's Call 2 is especially exciting because it is a living process," said Jeff Anderson, Turbine's CEO. "Once we've completed the boxed game, our technology allows us to easily deliver new features and content regularly. The beauty of an online game design is that we have an ongoing creative outlet - and commitment to our players - to keep the game challenging and alive month after month."

Microsoft has slated Asheron's Call 2's release for sometime this winter. Check back as more info is divulged.

by Alex Wollenschlaeger    
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