Enix Postpones Development on New Dragon Quest Title

Enix has decided to temporarily cease development on the next title in its seminal RPG series, Dragon Quest (known as Dragon Warrior in North America). This announcement comes soon after the departure of its Heart Beats development team, which had previously taken charge of the project. The team also worked on Dragon Quests III, IV, VI, and VII, and has left the game industry for the time being.

Although Enix has designated a new team, the company reports that the development process is too premature for any details to be revealed, and they also hinted that they are currently re-thinking the direction the series' next installment will take. Enix has stated that there is no projection for the game's publication date, a bit of news that contradicts the Jiji Press report that Dragon Quest VIII will see a March 2004 release.

by Michael Henninger    
Sources: [Famitsu; GameFront]
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