08.21.00 - When the Music Fades....

Often in life the only one true constant is change, this music column is certainly not an exception. After close to three months, I will be handing over the proverbial conductor stick. I have decided to explore other opportunities and take a position at another website. Today brings close to all my duties here at RPGamer, though I will not be on staff my will still remain active, if you wish, you may still contact me here. Before we get to the crux of the update itself I would sincerely like to thank everyone at for making my stay here over the last year and half (on and off), an enjoyable and interesting, if not enlightening experience. Likewise, I would like to thank all the musicians/contributors who have contributed to this section. Without you, this section is nothing! Special thanks to Braxus, Corazon Azul, Squall Strife and Kaijin whose musical prowess and contributions continue to amaze, and Adam E. who's been a one man gang for Tabulations. I would tip my hat to everyone in question, if I had one. :) Seriously, thanks!

As far as my replacement...Veronica Henry from last year, will be taking my spot. So be sure to email her at that address or

Today's update is not as robust as others, it seems our musician friends are spending their summer sipping Ice tea beside an azure pool. But needless to say, get back to work guys. :) Although, today's update includes the two musicians who made it under the RPGamer umbrella for the Ultima Eternity contest. Check their songs out, you won't be disappointed.

Time is that, I bid you all adieu.

  - Jeff "Teary Eyed Swordsman" Davis - That is an Ys reference for those not in the know.

Audiophile Features

Headlines: 07.10.00

Legend of Dragoon  

Interview with Dennis Martin
RPGamer talks with internationally renowned musician/composer Dennis Martin with regards to his latest endeavor, Legend of Dragoon OSV.

Featured Soundtracks: 07.10.00

Legend of Dragoon

Legend of Dragoon OSV
A high point in the PSX hit, Legend of Dragoon was the music. Newcomer to the videogame music arena, Dennis Martin composed the music. The album envelops the listener with a collage of unique songs and hits on several genres from celtic to rock to classical and fusion.
Easily one of the more scintillating soundtracks that has been released this year. For those interested, the album can be purchased online at either or

Featured Musicians: 08.21.00

This update features two musicians who entered the Ultima Eternity contest under the RPGamer team. Both songs rock in their own right. Kudos to these two musical savants.

Chrono Trigger - Dance With Belthasar (MP3) , (MIDI) by Savas

Final Fantasy VIII - Balambience (IT) by Vanguard


MP3 Remixes
Chrono Trigger - Dance With Belthasar by Savas

Final Fantasy - Prelude by Kawano S
Final Fantasy VIII - Liberi Fatali Piano by Braxus

Chrono Trigger - Dance With Belthasar by Savas
Chrono Cross - Time's Scar by Jaroban
Chrono Cross - Time's Scar by Qhimm
Chrono Cross - Radical Dreamers - Unstolen Jewel by Qhimm
Final Fantasy - Bossa Nova de Chocobo by Justin
Tales of Destiny - Utopia by Rob Parton
Tales of Destiny - Over the Rainbow by Rob Parton
Tales of Desginy - Unfinished World by Rob Parton
Threads of Fate - Pass Through the Forest by JeffreyAtW
Valkyrie Profile - "Frozen" Eternal Hydrogen by Chief Ug

Original Compositions - RPG flavor
Boss Battle by Tom Miller
Runaway by Tom Miller
Ghost by Tom Miller

Digital Music
Final Fantasy IV - Boss Battle by DarkCecil
Final Fantasy VIII - Balambience (FF8 Mix) by Vanguard
Lunar - Wings of Hope by Ebwiz
Chrono Cross - Voyage - Home World by Adam E.
Chrono Cross/Chrono Trigger - Victory Theme by Adam E.
MP3 Remixes
Final Fantasy:
Final Fantasy North MEDLEY OC ReMix (4.38 MB) by Dale North
Battle Megamix (FF7) (.97 MB) by Corazon Azul
The Oath (FF8) (3.77 MB) by Orkybash

Chrono Trigge/Cross:
Bottom of the Night (CT) by Matt Garber
Fragments of Dreams (CC)by John Isip

Boss Battle by Cyntalan Maelstrom
Ocean Theme by Cyntalan Maelstrom
Zebu's Theme by Cyntalan Maelstrom

Dragon Quest:
Happy Humming (DQ6) by John Isip

Final Fantasy:
Aerith's Theme (FF7) by Squall Strife
Town Theme - Strings (FF7) by John Isip
Balamb Garden - Strings (FF8) by John Isip
Battle - Piano (FF9) by Mak
Overworld (FF9) by John Isip

Tales of Destiny:
Ambush by Rob Parton
Bared Fangs by Rob Parton
Descent into Vice by Rob Parton
Destiny by Rob Parton
Heat Wave by Rob Parton
Relentless Assault by Rob Parton
Nightmare by Rob Parton
Leon - Victim of Fate by Rob Parton
Victory!by Rob Parton

Pray for the People's Joy by Chief Ug
Ship of Regret and Sleep by Chief Ug
The Wounded Shall Advance into the Light by Chief Ug

Kakariko Village by John Isip

Digital Music
Chrono Trigger
Bike Chase (CT) by Zack Elle

Final Fantasy:
Cosmo Canyon (FF7) by Cyntalan Maelstrom

Romancing Saga:
Battle (RS1) by Mary Bisciglia

Dome-16's Ruin (CT) by Thomas McManus


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