07.10.00 - Music of a Dragoon

Today's update is a stellar one in this humble, audiophile's eyes. There's a bevy of assorted music to choose from, including incredibly early released MIDI and IT versions of some FF IX songs...We've got some busy beaver's making some music evidently. But today's update is more than that, on two prongs. First an exclusive Interview with Dennis Martin with regards to his Legend of Dragoon soundtrack, and second our Japanese correspondent translates a Famtisu interview with Uematsu with regards to the FF IX album.

A note on file submissions:
To expedite the process, I'd like to ask everyone who submits files for this section to please send all files with filenames that are in lower case format such as "xyz.mid." Secondly, with all email submissions PLEASE, sign the letter off with your name/handle and email address for the crediting process.

  - Jeff Davis

Audiophile Features


Legend of Dragoon  

Interview with Dennis Martin
RPGamer talks with internationally renowned musician/composer Dennis Martin with regards to his latest endeavor, Legend of Dragoon OSV.

Final Fantasy IX  

FF IX Soundtrack Samples (Partial Source: Cloud's Villa)

Battle Theme

Famitsu interviews Nobuo Uematsu (RPGamer Translation)
In a recent issue, Famitsu interviewed famed musician Nobuo Uematsu about his work on Final Fantasy IX, and RPGamer's Japanese correspondent has the translation for you.

Dragon Quest VII, Soundtrack info emerges (Source:

  • Symphonic Tracks Dragon Quest VII: Warriors of Eden + Original Soundtrack will reportedly ship on September 9. The album will encompass two CDs, one will contain 19 orchestral arrangements by the London Philharmonic and the other CD will be 29 original game songs.
Featured Soundtracks:

Legend of Dragoon

Legend of Dragoon OSV
A high point in the PSX hit, Legend of Dragoon was the music. Newcomer to the videogame music arena, Dennis Martin composed the music. The album envelops the listener with a collage of unique songs and hits on several genres from celtic to rock to classical and fusion.
Easily one of the more scintillating soundtracks that has been released this year. For those interested, the album can be purchased online at either or

Featured Musicians:

Dennis Martin

Dennis Martin
After scoring two successful TV dramas in Japan, Dennis Martin turned his gaze towards the videogame genre with the composition of Legend of Dragoon Soundtrack. For more on Dennis Martin, read my Interview with Dennis Martin.

With Andrew Hart's dramatic and amazing remix of Shenfa from ShenMue Orchestra, his song lands him on this update's Featured Musician slot. Kudos to Andrew!

Shenmuezik - Shenfa Vocal Orchestra remix (4.42 MB) by Andrew Hart aka Foomerang

Author Descriptions:
I use a Roland XP-50 with DnB and Techno expansion boards, Acid, and Soundforge...that's it. If I want some 303 sounds I just sample Rebirth. My remixes usually tend to be on the darker side and most often have a heavy Drum n Bass/ Jungle feel.

Featured Review:


Due to the large amounts of applicants on the last day/last update, I couldn't personally thank each one who submitted music for my consideration. All those who have entered under the RPGamer team have been notified, but I just wanted to say thanks to everyone.

MP3 Remixes
Chrono Trigger:
Frog's Theme (music box remix) (1.51 MB) by Squall Strife

Final Fantasy:
Crystal Prelude (3.62 MB) by Tim Bocek (Orkybash)
Decisive Battle (FF6) (2.03 MB) from Game Music Network

Lunar SSSC:
Alex and Luna's Song (1.44 MB) by Squall Strife

Seiken Densetsu:
Rising Sun - Final Fantasy Adventure (2.39 MB) by Tim Sheehy
Special Song Dedication: "To my dearest Sarah, I love you with all my heart."

Shenmuezik - Shenfa Vocal Orchestra remix (4.42 MB) by Andrew Hart aka Foomerang

Ys I/II:
Palace of Destruction (1.87 MB) by Kaki

To Make the End of Battle (2.1 MB) by Tash

Final Fantasy:
Battle with Gilgamesh (FF5) by Draggor
Battle Theme (FF6) by Draggor
Mt. Koltz (FF6) by Draggor
Bombing Mission (FF7) by Draggor
On That Day, 5 Years Ago by E. Khalo
Weapon (FF7) by Draggor
Force Your Way (FF8) by SinclairC
Mods de Chocobo (FF8) by Draggor
Mods de Chocobo Drum Emphasis (FF8) by Draggor
Only a Plank Between One and Perdition (FF8) by Draggor
Silence and Motion (FF8) by Draggor
Shuffle or Boogie (FF8) by Draggor
The Forbidden Land - Orchestrated (FF8) by Kneon Transitt
The Man with the Machine Gun (FF8) by Draggor
The Mission (FF8) by Draggor
The Stage is Set
(FF8) by Draggor
Alexandria (FF9) by JeffreyAtW
Battle Theme (FF9) by JeffreyAtW

Ogre Battle:
Atlas by SinclairC
Brass of Victory by SinclairC
Dangerous by SinclairC
Dangerous (SNES version) by SinclairC
Festival Drums
by SinclairC
Old Man's Prayerby SinclairC
Santa's Coming (version 1.2) by SinclairC
Thunder (version 1.93) by SinclairC
Thrill of Liberation by SinclairC

Phantasy Star:
Dark Force Battle Remix (PS) by Kneon Transitt
Dungeon - Bytes n' Blues Remix (PS/PS4) by Kneon Transitt
Palma Rox! Overworld Them Remix
(PS) by Kneon Transitt
Palma Town - Orchestrated (PS) by Kneon Transitt
Phantasy Star Theme Remix (PS) by Kneon Transitt
Dungeon Remix (PS2) by Kneon Transitt
Requeim for Lutz Remix (PS2) by Kneon Transitt
Silence Remix - Dezolis Overworld Theme (PS2) by Kneon Transitt

The Battle (RS3) by SinclairC
Battle 2 - Boss Battle (RS3) by SinclairC
The Legacy - Overworld (FF Legend II) by SinclairC

Back to Sleep (Vesion One) by Drakhan Z. Valane

The Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light by Drakhan Z. Valane
Stars of Tears by Drakhan Z. Valane

Frog's Theme (music box remix) (Chrono Trigger) by Squall Strife

Battle Theme (Mythri) by Tim Mader
Sacrifice Part 3 (Seiken Densetsu 3) by Joshua Kaufman
Boomerang Flash (Wild Arms) by SinclairC

Digital Music

Chrono Trigger:
CT Manoria Cathedral - Spaced Out Mix by Freak Child

Final Fantasy:
Still More Fighting - Boss Theme (FF7) by Spongemop
Force Your Way - Boss Theme (FF8) by Spongemop
Battle Theme (FF9) by Olof Lšnnroth, a.k.a TheDuplo

Harvest Moon:
Rustic Village by F'nor

Seiken Densetsu 3:
Decision Bell by Salivator

Super Mario RPG:
Last Battle by Evan Behar

Final Fantasy:
Battle Theme Nes Remix (FF7) by Inmate2993

Sheet Music:
Singing Mountain (Chrono Trigger) by James "the Blunderbuss" Chilcott

Dream of Shore (Chrono Cross) by MrSpiffy
Overworld (Chrono Cross) by Adam E.
Time's Scar (Chrono Cross) by Adam E.
Shadow (FF6) by qbvet
Aeris (FF7) by Aleka McAdams
Cid's Theme (FF7) by Adam E
Bonds of Sea & Fire (Xenogears) by Adam E.
Faraway Promise (Xenogears) by Adam E.
Flight (Xenogears) by Adam E.
Wings (Xenogears) by Adam E.


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