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The Revival of Darkness Begins!

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Description: Through the best and worst of the Music Box, Powerlord has been here to help. Working at VGmusic.Com, Powerlord has always been around to help musicians of all kinds out and been there as a friend. Even with RPGamer, he has helped me out many-a-time with competitions and music. With this in mind, I give you, my friend, thanks that cannot be described. Best wishes to you always.
Soundtrack of the Week
LoZ: The Ocarnia of Time - "Hyrule Symphony"

X-MIDI-3 consists of remixing any song from any RPG on the RPGamer list. Prizes will be determined at a later date. Operattack-1 will be reheld after X-MIDI-3.
Due Date::
January 25th, 2000.
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Music Update Archive
Welcome to The Music Box!

            Heylas everyone! First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone who sent me the ever-so-kind letters when I left RPGamer over three months ago to go on vacation. It seems like such a long time to jump back into the fold. While it appears to be all fun and games, I have been working on some things for RPGamer such as the special features you have seen popping up on RPGamer. I must also give thanks to Veronica for hosting the collumn in my absence. I trust she treated you all well! By the way, there will be an RPGamer Interaction Awards feature for those fans who have contributed to us in 1999 with music, art, and fiction. Art and Fiction have their own guidelines, but Music needs nominations for the following categories:

  • Best Resequenced Song (Like how close it is to the original.)
  • Best Sequenced Remix
  • Best Sequencer
  • Best Retracked Song (Tracking defined as .it, .s3m, .xm, .mod.)
  • Best Tracked Remix
  • Best Tracker
  • All of the nominations should be sent to For Remake/Remixs, include the name and e-mail of the sequencer or tracker who composed it. As for the best tracker and sequencer, include the name of a song they made that you think fits them [optional].

           Expect something big next week from The Music Box. Operattack-1 has been declared cancled until a later date. I am aware of all the entrants wishes for the results and I apologize. Many of you have tried very hard and have done such good jobs on the competition. I commend you all for your patience. While Operattack-1 undergoes repairs for a future date, X-MIDI-3 is placed as the current competition. Like the past two X-MIDI competitions, this one involves remixing any song on the RPGamer game list.

           Musically speaking, The Music Box has in store for you some beautiful, long-delayed songs. These songs come from the months of August and September. Those not posted who sent their songs in August-September are probably going to be posted next Sunday. If not by then, e-mail me and tell me the situation. This has to be the most guitar tab filled update I have ever done. Enjoy the tabs, bass tabs, and the amazing piano sheet arrangement music fans. Such fans deserve praise for their hard work to help the music community. As always, I encourage fans to help the music community in any way they can. You don't have to have tracking or sequencing abilities to love music.

           I'd love to hear some stories about the past few months from you all. Feel free to write me with your stories, suggestions, complaints, ect. Special thanks go to Faris for making my cool title picture. Also, any songs sent to Veronica and not posted should be resent to me. Until then, Zhai`helleva! It's great to be back!

Expect a suprise at the end of the week!

Music for Sunday, January 09, 2000
Breath of Fire II
Digital Music
"Saint Eva" ~ (Remix of "Last Battle with DeathEvn") by Magus Trelane
Chrono Trigger
Excerpt from Chrono Trigger PSX Remix' Anime Ending by SquallStrife
Final Fantasy VIII
Digital Music
Heresy by Khalal
The Oath by BlurSquall
Final Fantasy Tactics
Title Screen by Marc Barber
Legend of Zelda: Ocarnia of Time
Digital Music
Kakariko Village by Skyline
Epona's Melody ~ (Remix) by Jeff Chermak
Song of Time ~ (Remix) by Jeff Chermak
Zora's Domain by Billy Goat
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
Remix of Alex and Luna's Song by SquallStrife
Digital Music
The Pokémon Center by Raichu876
Seiken Densetsu III
Angel's Fear by Strider Hiryu
Jad Castle by JesterAG
Suikoden Rock Remix by Matt
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Digital Music
Bowser Battle by TR3FOREVER
"March of Sea and Fire" ~ (Remid of "Bonds of Sea and Fire") by SquallStrife
Music Sheets and Miscellanious Tabulations
Final Fantasy - Prelude (Guitar)
Final Fantasy I - Temple of Fiends (Guitar)
Final Fantasy IV - Fanfare (Bass Guitar)
Final Fantasy IV - Fanfare (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VI - The Phantom Train (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VI - Terra (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VII - Costa Del Sol (Guitar)
Final Fantasy VII - The Turks (Bass Guitar)
Final Fantasy VIII - Ami (Piano Sheets)
Final Fantasy VIII - Breezy (Guitar)
Xenogears - A Ship of Sleep and Regret (Guitar)
Lufia II - Ending Theme (Fan Created)

All music in Zip of 01-09-2000
All music in Zip of 11-26-99
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