The Music Box - June 27th, 1999

Down here we all float!
Musician of the Week
Alex Kimbel
RPGamer: New Media and Reviews

The Stats: ...Such a great sequencer..heh..
Fav Song: "Wind Scene" ~ Chrono Trigger

Alex, my co-worker... Well, what can I say? Look at this Aerith mix to see his work. (I would have had a REAL musician but I'm being rushed.
Soundtrack of the Week
Final Fantasy IV: OSV


This is the first competition in MIDI form ever for RPGamer. It's the same rules as the X digital music competitions: Remake a song from the games list here on RPGamer and send it in! Entries must be sent to me!
Due Date::
July 7th
Guitar Tabs
Music Box's FAQ
Music Players + Trackers
Soundtrack Info
Top 5 Wanted List

  • 1. Crystalis
  • 2. Xenogears)
  • 3. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • 4. Zelda Series
  • 5. Remixes, Enhancements, ANYTHING other than OSV
Greetings from the Music Box!

            Heylas! I have to hurry to leave to Austin (This is Saturday) right now so this HAS to be quick. When I come back on Tuesday, I'll bring back the PMM news, as well as have an interview, Septerra Core demo music, and much much more!
            The music is great as usual. Try not to miss me too much. This is a very rushed update...
            I added The Music Box's FAQ. Read it for all your questions on submissions, ect. I did a lot more but have to go this second so...

Competitions: Woo MIDI competition coming up! With all the complaints for this, I best get a LOT of entries ;D. I'll even donate a hand drawn pic by me for the winner! (Crappy prize I know, but hey! It's kakkoi!)
Lyrics: Updated Liberi Fatali. Now has pronounciation and translation
Soundtracks: Maybe if I had 2 hours to spare...
Tabs: Non Square Tab! =D Lunar's theme.
Wanted List: Since I'm being rushed, I didn't have time to post the new one.

            Kakkoi desu yo! A whole non-square update! (Except the lyric update). Fear... I was supposed to have a Pennywise pic to go by my name for the update but it got rushed. Cya next Tues!

Down here, we all float! Mark Jordan

Music for Sunday, June 27, 1999
Breath of Fire III
Overworld ~ (first) by Ranma-kun
Illusion of Gaia
Ending Theme by DarK MarshaL
Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete
Ending by Patrick Gann
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue
Hope Theme by DarK MarshaL
Lufia and the Fortress of Doom
Town ~ (Remix) by ASDL
Digital Music
Trainer Battle/A> by Raichu876
A Legend of Zelda: The Ocarnia of time
Digital Music
Link's Home by Andrew Mike
Shop Theme by Brolly
Song of Storms ~ (2) by Brendan

FF8 - Liberi Fatali ver. 3.0
All music in Zip of 6-9-99
All music in Zip of 6-7-99
All music in Zip of 6-6-99

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