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Chrono Cross
Submitter(s): Cloudclone
Download: [800x600 (126.69k)]
Comment: First red wallpaper i've made.
Submitter(s): Fifi Boyd
Download: [1024x768 (509.83k)]
Comment: This is a simply made wallpaper using photoshop.
Submitter(s): GuiLaume KaBuM
Download: [800x600 (86.42k)], [1024x768 (122.33k)]
Comment: My favorite game wallpaper is missing?!...Here you go! Chrono Cross wallpaper with all 45 characters in b&w. That's the one I use. And there's more to come! (not necessarily from Chrono Cross...) Bye! @:,{)
Submitter(s): India
Download: [800x600 (59.16k)], [1024x768 (83.65k)]
Comment: I'm very happy with how this turned out. I'd been wanting to make a nice CC wallpaper for a while, but didn't get around to it till this. I wanted something that sort of epitomized the oceanic feel to the game, and I think I rather succeeded. The text there is the title of one of the songs on the OST, and I think it fits the background well ^_^
  Submitter(s): Jonathan Ward
Windows Icons  
Download: [Download (170.52k)]
Comment: No Comment
Submitter(s): Matti Siponen
Download: [1024x768 (293.7k)]
Comment: I heard that main element of Chrono Cross is water like in FFX (am I right?). So hereīs blue (well itīs kind of light purple) wallpaper from Chrono Cross. Hope ya like it!
Submitter(s): MrCHUPON
Download: [1024x768 (305.2k)]
Comment: First and maybe last shot at a Themes Central background. Always wanted to do a CC backdrop... the first one I had was simply a stupid scan of the instruction manual and I know I could have done something more creative than a scan with some effort.
Submitter(s): nEo3
Winamp Skin  
Download: [150x206 (15.55k)], [Download (182.47k)]
Comment: One of My first Winamp skins I really like how the cursor came out. I've hardly seen any Chrono Cross Winamp skins or wallpapers so you might see a Chrono Cross wallpaper from me next time
Submitter(s): Psycheblitz
Download: [800x600 (57.85k)]
Comment: Simple wallpaper of kid and serge
Submitter(s): Sakuracon 2003
Download: [295x640 (61.54k)]
Comment: No Comment
Submitter(s): Shinigami3000
Download: [1024x768 (366.24k)]
Comment: The Magical Dreamers, Nikki and Miki.


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