Romancing SaGa - Minstrel Song - Screen shots
02.09.2005 Purty new screens
Hit start for map Pretty landscape Colorful road
Almost at the edge Expansive plains Colorful mist
The moss grows towards civilization Down by the bay Arrrrrrr matey!
We should go towards the ice Volcano explosion? Firemyst..... That you?
01.22.2005 Cut Scene Screens
A sighting off the starboard bow Making sure the coast is clear A sexy belly dance
What a finish Eyeing the target Preparing to attack
What's that rope attached to? Coming soon Going to be seasick
Looks like one of the bears finally caught up with Goldilocks Bring it on Trudging through the snow
What a pal No, don't look at my face I said don't!
Sneaking around
01.04.2005 Battle Screens MagicBox
Press O or X Dashing HP up
A strange creature in the middle of a desert A brilliant idea! A normal idea
Looking a bit translucent there, buddy 117% Flashy
Hard to tell what's going on here, but it looks painful Windy Yeah, I'd stay away from her
Disco fever Stunned Kick Smash
Ouch Hammer time! Here goes nothing
What is that? Swirly Taking care of business
An area attack of some sort Character status A blazing swordfight
Kind of pretty Looks hot This is going to be messy
3344 Damage I will grant you three wishes I wish I could grow that in my backyard
A floral attack? A magical spell Getting ready to deal some damage
Whatever's going on, it doesn't look good Where there's smoke... Maelstrom
A ranged attack Watching the fight from afar Smack
That'll sting a bit And it appears that it did
11.20.2004 Funtastic Screens
I'm sure that one is gonna smell Help, I'm trapped in this green gas bubble The sun, it burns!
Wee little people Frog + Triceritops I am NOT an old man
Every time a bell rings, a fairy gets her wings Oh no my arm is on fire!!! Paint the sky orange
I wear these things to improve my hearing Oh no your arm is on fire!!! An overusage of shading
Kind of looks like the barrel is talking Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you behind your back? Excuse me bear, do you know which way it is to the supermarket?
Wow you guys sure do have big heads Sneak sneak~ Greetings! I am King Tigerbear.
11.03.2004 Trailer Screens
Kami wa... A close-up of that bard in the logo A New SaGa
Spokesbard looking all dark I sense a jam session coming on... Dialogue
Moving with the quickness And his sword is quick, too It says: "A man chooses his own fate"
Cameo by Cerberus? Certainly a unique art style You vs. Big Orange Ball
Making a mess in battle Show 'em whatchya got! Show 'em whatchya got part 2!
Looks like serious story unfolding More battle chaos Seeking friends in times of sorrow
Something important above them Tossing out a special attack Tossing out a special attack 2
You can tell by looking at this one that something awesome is about to happen I hope she's not as evil as her face looks Another one of those battle screens when it's hard to tell what's up
Doesn't look like a fun situation Even less fun with all these hurt people around Super-deformity at its best
About to lay the smack down Steering the ship Steering the ship 2
When Pirates Attack! This is gonna get worse before it gets better So we attack it?
A storm... ...with winds that blow over normal characters Aw, a girl and her pet...bear...and wolf
This can't be a happy scene Waking up somewhere you didn't expect Stealth action
A dancer Dancer 2 Wielding that sword again
There's that bard again Shiney Romancing SaGa: Minstrel Song
10.07.2004 First Screens
Maybe he'll negotiate In the big city ARRRRRR!
I hope she hasn't been drinking


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