Dark Rose Valkyrie  
Black Rose Valkyrie

An alien virus hits that causes those afflicted to transform into Chimeras, and Japan forms a special force to contain it. However, one of the five heroines is a traitor who changes which each playthrough.

· PS4

· Compile Heart

Idea Factory Japan
Idea Factory Intl. US
Idea Factory Intl. Europe

  Release Date  
06.30.2016 Japan
06.06.2017 US
06.09.2017 Europe
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·Dark Rose Valkyrie Hits PC in April 03.13.2018  
·Dark Rose Valkyrie's Characters Open for Interviews 05.08.2017  
·Limited Edition Descends for Dark Rose Valkyrie 05.03.2017  
·Dark Rose Valkyrie Blooms in June 04.18.2017  
·Dark Rose Valkyrie, Mary Skelter Coming West 11.11.2016  
·Black Rose Valkyrie Offers Some Introductions 06.21.2016  
·Black Rose Valkyrie Gets Delayed 06.09.2016  
·Black Rose Valkyrie Looks at Combat 05.16.2016  
·Black Rose Valkyrie's Locations Get Exposure 05.09.2016  
·Black Rose Valkyrie to Let Players Get Their Gab On 04.19.2016  
·Black Rose Valkyrie to Let Players Get Their Gab On 04.19.2016  
·Combat Details Blossom for Black Rose Valkyrie 04.11.2016  
·Compile Heart Provides New Black Rose Valkyrie Screens 03.24.2016  
·Black Rose Valkyrie Gets First Story Details 02.18.2016  

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