The Long Journey Home  
The Long Journey Home

A space exploration RPG that combines classic space adventures like Starflight and Star Control II with the replayability of modern roguelikes in a procedurally generated universe inspired by modern Science Fiction shows like Farscape and Firefly.

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· Daedalic Entertainment Studio West

Daedalic Entertainment US
Daedalic Entertainment Europe

  Release Date  
2016 US
2016 Europe
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·Daedalic Entertainment Launches The Long Journey Home 06.02.2017  
·The Long Journey Home Begins This Month 05.15.2017  
·The Long Journey Home Gameplay Demo - PAX West 09.11.2016  
·The Long Journey Home Impression - E3 06.21.2016  
·The Long Journey Home Begins with a Single Trailer 04.24.2016  

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