The Saga of Ryzom  
The Saga of Ryzom

The Saga of Ryzom is a science-fantasy role-playing game set on an entirely organic planet called "Atys, Planet Tree" in the midst of an eco-drama. Players will confront unique creatures; encounter deeply authentic civilizations; and discover and play in sumptuous and diverse ecosystems including: majestic forests, luxuriant jungles, burning deserts and vast sea, in addition to communing with the many mysterious and magical entities of Atys.

· PC

· Nevrax

Nevrax US
Ubisoft Europe

  Release Date  
09.20.2004 US
09.24.2004 Europe
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·Saga of Ryzom to Expand 05.27.2005  
·The Saga of Ryzom Web Site Launches; Beta Sign-up 06.07.2002 06.07.2002  

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