Harvest Moon: A New Beginning  
Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

A new Harvest Moon title that will allow players to customize just about everything!

· Nintendo 3DS

· Marvelous

Marvelous Japan
Natsume us

  Release Date  
02.23.2012 Japan
10.19.2012 us
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·Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Gameplay Demonstration - E3 2012 06.12.2012  
·Spend Some Time in Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin 12.20.2011  
·See Some Poppin' Crops in Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin 11.21.2011  
·Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin Has a Trailer 10.24.2011  
·Next Harvest Moon is Quite Customizable 10.05.2011  

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