by Adriaan den Ouden
Name: Zidane
Hometown: Lindblum
Origin: Final Fantasy IX
Weapon: Daggers, Throwing Weapons
Specialty: Aerial Combat
Fun Fact: Won a Tony Award for his performance in "I Want to be Your Canary."

Zidane is the original prankster; an orphan-turned-thief, he toured the world alongside a band of criminals disguised as a theater troupe. A botched kidnapping found him tail-deep in a power struggle between two nations that led him around the globe, ultimately discovering his own origins.

Wielding a pair of vicious daggers in battle, Zidane is a master of aerial combat. While he does learn some ground-based attacks, his most potent combos can be pulled off in the air. Quick mid-air dodges followed by sudden strikes throw his foes off-balance and quickly lay in the hurt.

Zidane also brings plenty of ranged support to the battlefield as well. His Scoop Art technique sends bolts of magic across the field to home in on opponents, while his Shift Break technique can keep foes on the run for ages as lightning continuously appears beneath their feet, threatening to sap away their precious health. Unfortunately, Zidane's weakness lies in his lack of power. With hardly any moves able to crush a blocking opponent's defense, a well-timed guard can easily foil his attacks.

Zidane's EX-Mode isn't as potent as some of his cohorts, but it packs plenty of punch. Zidane enters his Trance state once EX-Mode is activated, allowing him to constantly jump all over the field nearly indefinitely. To top things off, his jumps become dodges of their own, making him extremely nimble and hard to hit. With his wide range of HP attacks, his EX-Burst, Reverse Gaia, is extremely easy to activate.

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