Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey  
Atelier Firis

Firis is the star of this instalment of Gust's ever-growing alchemy franchise.

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· Gust

Koei Tecmo Japan
Koei Tecmo US
Koei Tecmo Europe

  Release Date  
09.29.2016 Japan
03.07.2017 US
03.10.2017 Europe
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·Atelier Firis Knows Who's Boss 02.15.2017  
·Atlier Firis Takes Synthesis on the Road 01.27.2017  
·Koei Tecmo Reveals Release Date for Atelier Firis 12.21.2016  
·Atelier Firis Set to Arrive in Spring 11.22.2016  
·Atelier Firis Finds Some Gameplay 10.31.2016  
·Gust Provides Lots of Details, Media for Atelier Firis 10.21.2016  
·Koei Tecmo Reveals Some Western Releases 09.08.2016  
·Atelier Firis Provides More Character, Gameplay Details 08.30.2016  
·Atelier Firis Adds a Young Escha 08.15.2016  
·First Character and Combat Details Emerge for Atelier Firis 07.22.2016  

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