Halftime Report 2017

by Alex Fuller

After some years away, albeit many of them with replacements from a few different ideas, RPGamer's Halftime Report makes a comeback. In an adjustment to its previous formula of looking only to the future, with so many quality RPGs hitting in the first six months of 2017, it seems a waste to wait until the end of the year to highlight some of the excellent games that we've had the luxury of playing this first half of the year. To that end, we've asked the staff to share some of the RPGs that have gotten hooked or otherwise stood out personally.

Of course, the year's far from over and there's plenty to be excited for that hasn't arrived yet. Don't worry, we've taken that into account as well and provided a selection of games that we're looking forward to seeing before the year is out. These past few years have really provided lots of RPGs and if 2017's anthing to go by that number of quality RPG options out there is just going to grow larger and larger. Enjoy reading our thoughts, let us know your top games of the year so far, as well as what you're excited for in the second half of 2017 on the forums.

Special thanks to all those staff members who contributed to the feature with their personal picks from the first half of the year and for the second half and to Sarah McGarr for the banner. And of course many thanks to all of our readers!

Highlights so Far - Still to Come

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