Melbu Frahma

The Legend of Dragoon is not everyone's cup of tea, which I understand completely, but it does boast a villain with an almost unrivaled level of patience. 11,000 years ago, Melbu Frahma personally kept the soul of the God of Destruction on his person and used that absolute power to enslave all living creatures that were not of Wingly decent. Much like the infamous real life dictators that of our history, Frahma preached that all other beings were lesser and had no right to live in his species' utopia - relegating their existence to that of slaves. He was directly responsible for using this propaganda to impose genocidal superiority over Humans, Dragons, and all other intelligent species.

Naturally, the other species didn't take much liking to their subjugation and a human rebellion was sparked by Emperor Diaz and his Dragoons. Melbu and his forces ultimately lost the war against these species, known as the Dragon Campaign, but before his body was destroyed he was clever enough to transmigrate his soul into the the Red-Eye Dragoon Spirit of the man that had killed him. He then cast a petrification spell on this Dragoon and patiently waited over 10,000 years before possessing him, posing as the long-dead Emperor Diaz, and inciting war throughout the continent of Endiness. Why? To win a grandiose game of chess that would ultimately end in his merging with the God of Destruction and reforming the world to his will. The wait almost paid off. — Trent Seely

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