Early in Xenogears, a pretty woman with indigo hair is introduced into the story without any fanfare. Her name is Miang, and she works as an aide to Ramsus, the commander of the military forces that oppose the heroes at every turn. The characters mention her just enough to make her presence seem important, but she mostly acts only to support her commanding officer. Even when she appears in battle it is only to use healing skills on Ramsus. She is easily dismissible as the main love interest for a villainous rival, a minor character. In truth, Miang is the main villain of Xenogears.

Many characters, such as Ramsus, the mysterious masked man Grahf, or the enigmatic and destructive Id, all seem at first like they are significant foes, but by the end Miang is the one who stands above the rest. Ramsus is driven mad for revenge by inferiority complex Miang drilled into him, Grahf is who he is because Miang twisted his heart when he was at his most vulnerable, and Id is simply a product of the atrocious experiments Miang inflicted upon her own child. And while she does not present much of a threat when she first appears in battle, Miang stands as one of the most dangerous bosses in the game when she stands before the heroes in her Omnigear, Opiomorph.

Over time, it is revealed that Miang is anything but an ordinary woman. In fact, she is not human at all. She is an avatar for the will of Deus, the gigantic artificial weapon system at the heart of the game's story. As such, she is an immortal being that has hopped between hundreds of different bodies for ten thousand years, and has manipulated the entire course of that world's history from behind the scenes. Over that time, she incited countless wars and even triggered a nuclear holocaust — all in the name of forcing humans to evolve and preparing the world for the rebirth of Deus. All she ever does is give the right information to the right person at the right time, but through such methods she inflicts unimaginable suffering upon the world. — Nathan Schlothan

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