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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog."


Humans and dogs have a unique bond. While they don't know evil or jealousy, they have the power to read emotions in ways that many animals cannot. Loyal, strong, and dependable, dogs are always the companion you can count on when the situation gets crazy. Dogs have a sense of responsibility for their owners, something that makes them proud to be at your side.

As adventurers, we all gain companions at some point in our lives. The loveable dog is almost always the first one we obtain. From the Tales of... series' charming pooches, to the lonesome howlers from wastelands in Fallout, every companion has a unique personality they lend to the games and their masters. This feature is a celebration of our fabulous furry companions who love us unconditionally on our journeys through destinations unknown, and recognize the importance of that sacred bond between the adventurer and the irreplaceable dog.

...except for Pariah. He's a bad dog.

We hope that you enjoy our K9 celebration. In exchange share some of your favourite animal companions with us on our forums.

Author's Note: Huge thank you goes out the staff for their wonderful write-ups. To Michael Cunningham, Adriaan den Ouden and Mike Moehnke for their editing, and Sarah McGarr for the lovely banner. You guys are my extra life!

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