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As RPGamers, we go off on epic adventures every day in a tireless effort to save the various worlds out there that need saving. Someone has to do it, right? There are bad guys that need slaying, princesses that need saving, and treasure chests that need looting: that's our job, and we're damn good at it.

But even heroes need time to kick back and relax every once and while. Saving the world is stressful work, and without a little R&R we'd all go crazy. Luckily, there's one pastime that all would-be heroes enjoy: fishing. Yes, there's nothing quite like sitting down on a dock, feet dangling in the water, and just wasting away the hours with rod and reel.

Let's face it: fishing minigames are ubiquitous in RPGs. As minigames go, they're the bread and butter that developers turn to time and again to fill in a little space. What's most interesting about them, though, is not only how widespread they are, but how diverse they are as well. Developers have found dozens of different ways to implement fishing that vary from mind-numbingly simple to impressively complex. Likewise, they also range in importance from minor distractions to major gameplay features.

Before you lies a small collection of RPGamer's favorite fishing minigames, and the reasons why they stand out to us. These aren't necessarily the best of them, but they're the ones that we felt were important or memorable. So put down the sword and pick up a pole as RPGamer takes you through the world of fishing in RPGs.

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