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Michael Beckett
Title: Great Summoned Beast
Game(s): Final Fantasy Tactics
Characters: Summoner and Leviathan
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [786x571 (127.41k)]
Comment: No Comment
Title: Asking for it
Game(s): Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
Characters: Red Mage, Black Moogle Mage
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [402x577 (65.19k)]
Comment: No Comment
Title: Selphie's Carbuncle
Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Selphie, Carbuncle
Medium: CorelPainter IX
Download: [500x944 (54.86k)]
Comment: Yeah, I know FFVIII is kinda overdone. Still, you can't deny that these two belong together.
Title: Early Christmas for Davis and Karlinn
Game(s): Final Fantasy XII, La Pucelle Tactics
Characters: Prier, Viera
Medium: Digital Art (Corel Painter IX)
Fan Art  
Download: [900x626 (276.56k)]
Comment: Well, by the time it goes up it won't really be an EARLY Christmas present, but still. The original was a bit more, er, risque, so the original is available on my DeviantArt account.
Title: I Have A Little Birdie
Game(s): Fullmetal Alchemist 2
Characters: Gluttony
Medium: Pen and Corel Painter IX
Download: [800x678 (34.73k)]
Comment: Gluttony is by far the freakiest member of the Homunculi group. And despite the fact that he only gets a cameo in FMA2, he's still a fun little bugger to draw. Now when do we get to fight him?
Title: Prier is Not a Cuddly Lady
Game(s): La Pucelle Tactics
Characters: Prier, Bear
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [598x650 (242.74k)]
Comment: No comments.
Title: Ridley at Sunset
Game(s): Radiata Stories
Characters: Ridley
Medium: Corel Painter IX
Download: [1000x1000 (438.8k)]
Comment: Slayer requested Ridley, so Slayer gets Ridley
Title: A Rabite for Tiptail
Game(s): Secret of Mana
Characters: Rabites, Random Redhead
Medium: Corel Painter IX, pen and ink
Fan Art  
Download: [850x1070 (352.67k)]
Comment: Tiptail wants Rabites, Tiptail gets Rabites. Tried to keep things as simple as possible, for extra cuteness.
Title: A Loss of Innocence
Game(s): Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga
Characters: Sera
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [974x570 (83.42k)]
Comment: In anticipation of Digital Devil Saga 2, we bring you a decidedly creepy picture of Sera. Anyone else think she's gonna have one heck of a time getting used to eating people?
Title: Lenneth Valkyrie
Game(s): Valkyrie Profile
Characters: Lenneth Valkyrie
Medium: Digital
Download: [1000x1496 (113.19k)]
Comment: Yeah, creative title, huh? But Lenneth is one of my all-time favorite characters, being a lady who kicks serious butt.
Game(s): Xenosaga: Episode I: Der Wille Zur Macht
Characters: KOS-MOS, Shion
Medium: Pen and Ink, and Corel Painter IX
Fan Art Featured Submission on Jan 27, 2006
Download: [720x1113 (339.49k)]
Comment: While speaking with Shroudie about his request, he mentioned KOS-MOS and kitties. The idea quickly lodged in my brain and refused to leave.


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