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Radiata Stories
Title: The Night of Flora and Fauna
Submitter(s): Ke-Eng
Characters: Cast
Medium: Color pencils
Fan Art  
Download: [593x800 (238.51k)]
Comment: No comments.
Title: Faulty Memory
Submitter(s): Kenton Alkemi
Characters: Gawain, Gantz, Jack, Adele
Medium: Digital (Photoshop 6)
Fan Art  
Download: [1225x2090 (344.18k)]
Comment: [WARNING] STORY SPOILER FOR ENDING OF NON-HUMAN PATH "You'd think that Jack would remember such an important event, but his faulty memory always gets in the way. Can't expect much from a kid who can't even remember how to put his shirt on, after all."
Title: Lucian
Submitter(s): Maeva
Characters: Lucian
Medium: digital
Download: [552x670 (90.6k)]
Comment: None
Title: Ridley at Sunset
Submitter(s): Michael Beckett
Characters: Ridley
Medium: Corel Painter IX
Download: [1000x1000 (438.8k)]
Comment: Slayer requested Ridley, so Slayer gets Ridley


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