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Title: Ready
Game(s): Final Fantasy
Characters: Bangaa
Medium: Pen
Download: [718x689 (120.92k)]
Comment: Bangaas rock - no question. I drew this instead of listening to a lecture on fish reproduction... I hope it was worth it!
Title: Finally Conquered
Game(s): Final Fantasy
Characters: Cloud, Squall
Medium: Photostudio 2000
Download: [1344x1017 (477.37k)]
Comment: I usually just stick to pencil, but I thought I'd try something different and use colour. I think it turned out well - hope you enjoy it too!
Title: Built
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Cloud
Medium: Pencil
Download: [587x1130 (482.64k)]
Comment: One for the ladies!
Title: Going Galian
Game(s): Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Vincent
Medium: Pencil
Download: [953x492 (1374.19k)]
Comment: I love the idea of raw animality in Vincent's Galian Beast form and the power it involves. This is a point halfway through the transformation where he's thinking, "Oh yeah, you guys are going down!
Title: Galbadia's Finest
Game(s): Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Laguna Loire
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [528x1224 (462.28k)]
Comment: Been a while since my last submission, so I thought I'd kick things off again with a touch of hotness. This is Laguna in his younger years, having just joined the Galbadian army.
Title: Fulfilling Destiny
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Sora
Medium: Pencil, PhotoStudio 2000
Fan Art  
Download: [498x640 (48.53k)]
Comment: I'm terrible at drawing boyish faces like in-game Sora has, so I thought I'd put a spin on things and age him up a bit... and whack on a goatee for good measure!
Title: Maybe I'm a Nobody
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts II
Characters: Roxas
Medium: Pencil
Download: [515x885 (59.42k)]
Comment: +When I doodle I start with the face, and whatever expression comes out dictates who I draw. When I saw this one I thought "Roxas" - unsure, yet resolute... and slightly less clothed.


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