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Kingdom Hearts II
Title: Night Of Fate
Submitter(s): Ace
Characters: ora, Riku, Kairi, Naminé, Axel, Roxas, Xemnas, Saix, Organization XIII
Medium: Digital
Fan Art  
Download: [727x938 (223.78k)]
Comment: This was a poster idea I had for KH2. It was a fun game!
Title: Saix as a Merman
Submitter(s): Barananduen
Characters: Saix
Medium: Colored pencils
Download: [818x637 (502.24k)]
Comment: A delightfully unique view on a popular villain from Kingdom Hearts 2.
Title: Untitled
Characters: Original Character
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [477x612 (80.83k)]
Comment: OK this is my idea for a new Kingdom Hearts character... it's not
Title: Donald and Goofy - Personified
Submitter(s): Chinroku_sama
Characters: Donald, Goofy
Medium: Ulead Photo Express 3
Download: [273x610 (83.38k)]
Comment: My obsession with personifying things had me drawing Donald and Goofy after I played through Kingdom Hearts 2. As annoying as those guys were during the game, they do kind grow on you, hehe.
Title: Kingdom Hearts II
Submitter(s): Corey Belina
Characters: Sora, donald, goofy, cloud, leon.
Medium: Pen, Digital
Download: [531x785 (473.05k)]
Comment: I really enjoyed the game. Come check out my art at my sketch blog:
Title: You don't Remember Me
Submitter(s): Dahlieka
Characters: Axel
Medium: Digital
Fan Art Featured Submission
Download: [1000x785 (393.85k)]
Comment: /
Title: Welcomming Sunset
Submitter(s): Delphine Pryde
Characters: Aerith
Medium: Colored Pencils
Fan Art  
Download: [660x816 (204.44k)]
Comment: None.
Title: Sky Circle
Submitter(s): Delphine Pryde
Characters: Axel, Riku, Roxas, Sora
Medium: pencil, Photoshop
Fan Art  
Download: [480x606 (139.42k)]
Comment: They were supposed to be lying on the ground looking up at the sky but since it looked like they were in the sky instead so I changed the background, just think of them in a Wonderland type world where up is down and ground is sky,so...yeah.
Title: A Nobody's Walk
Submitter(s): Dysphoric Flower
Characters: Naminé
Medium: Pencil, Pen, Photoshop
Fan Art  
Download: [380x513 (44.35k)]
Comment: LOVE Naminé from Kingdom Hearts II so I had to draw her. I thought that her walking along the beach with a backdrop of the stars at night would be that's what I drew :)
Title: Maybe I'm a Nobody
Submitter(s): Ebo
Characters: Roxas
Medium: Pencil
Download: [515x885 (59.42k)]
Comment: +When I doodle I start with the face, and whatever expression comes out dictates who I draw. When I saw this one I thought "Roxas" - unsure, yet resolute... and slightly less clothed.
Title: Secret Valentine
Submitter(s): Eiden
Characters: Sora, Kairi, and Pluto
Medium: Photoshop
Fan Art  
Download: [530x692 (264.2k)]
Comment: I chose Valentine's Day. Sora is getting Pluto to help him deliver an anonymous valentine to Kairi.
Title: Non-Existant One
Submitter(s): Golden Yak
Characters: Unknown
Medium: Unknown
Fan Art  
Download: [564x765 (120.76k)]
Comment: No Comment
Title: Fun in the Sun
Submitter(s): Hue Vang
Characters: Sora, Kairi
Medium: Pencil and Adobe Photoshop
Fanart Omni Art 2006 Round 1 Winner
Download: [600x712 (125.19k)]
Comment: Kairi and Sora many years from now when darkness has been conquered and light shines forever in the Kingdom Hearts!
Title: Final Form
Submitter(s): Hue Vang
Characters: Sora
Medium: Pencil and Adobe Photoshop
Download: [700x865 (127.65k)]
Comment: I wanted to do a dynamic pose of Sora. I didn't know about Sora's final form until my little brother told me and showed me. When I saw Sora's Final Form, I was immediately inspired to do a drawing of Sora. I love the idea of how the keyblades float around him like a power aura.
Title: My Heart in the Wind
Submitter(s): Hue Vang
Characters: Kairi
Medium: Pencil and Photoshop
Download: [600x837 (82.43k)]
Comment: One of many versions!
Title: Yunie
Submitter(s): Ionie
Characters: Yuna
Medium: Pencil
Fan Art  
Download: [250x473 (42.84k)]
Comment: Yuna as seen in fairy form, in Kingdom Hearts 2. Scanned in from a sketchbook.
  Title: Riku Defeat
Submitter(s): JW
Characters: Riku/replica?
Medium: Gimp
Fan Art  
Download: [Download (281.08k)]
Comment: I made this after playing the english PS2 version of KH:CoM. I always liked Dark Riku's outfit. It's even cooler in a dark aura or charged with energy.
Title: Sora chocobo riding
Submitter(s): Kiei
Characters: Sora, a Chocobo
Medium: Copic sketch markers, some paint shop pro
Fan Art  
Download: [1376x1008 (202.03k)]
Comment: i really liked the thought of sora riding a chocobo though there were no chocobo's in kingdom hearts ^^
Title: Sora and Kairi
Submitter(s): Kim Tram
Characters: Sora, Kairi
Medium: Photoshop
Download: [645x911 (99.4k)]
Comment: One of my favorite pairings!
Title: Sora
Submitter(s): Kim Tram
Characters: Sora
Medium: pens and pencils
Fan Art  
Download: [1232x928 (224.66k)]
Comment: Sora with one of my favorite (if not my fav.) keyblade...
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