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Title: In the Shadow of Giants
Game(s): Kingdom Hearts II
Characters: Cloud, Leon, Sephiroth, Roxas, Sora, Riku
Medium: Pens and Markers
Download: [750x601 (114.97k)]
Comment: Once this idea hit me, I could not let it go! Hope y'all enjoy it!
Title: The Sorcerer and His Knight
Game(s): Vagrant Story
Characters: Ashley, Sydney
Medium: Pencil, Markers, Chalk, Glitter-Gel, Photo
Fan Art  
Download: [532x413 (96.12k)]
Comment: The background's a photo I found on, and I'm using it without permission!! So, now that's out of the way... It's my take on Ashley and Sydney teaming up, briefly, in the Snowfly Forest Battle! Tah-Dah!!


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