Thizzousand Izzarms, Yo - Pimpgrapholicology

Thousand Arms is Pimpin on Wax

By: Mista Pimp0n - Get it right, *****!

Review Breakdown
   Battle System Pimpin
   Interface Jomama
   Music/Sound 69
   Originality Rollin Down tha Street
   Plot Sippin on
   Localization Gin and Juice
   Replay Value Dolemite
   Visuals Curves, Bebbe
   Difficulty Hard, fo shizzo!
   Time to Complete

fastest time-slowest time in hours? you don't wanna know, bebbe, cuz I'm tha pimpinest

Pimpteria, bizzy!

Title Screen

   Thou-to tha-izzand, A-to the-izzarms, fo sheezy my neezy when we dreezy down in Atlus. Get me some sweet 'tato pie and I'll drizzy on the hizzy for this gizzy that was brought to your hizzouse by At-to the-lizzus. If you a fly pimpinest po pimp pimpin dun forever pimp with the BAby Powder, then you mos def wanna get down on this po pimpin game for your Playa-station so you can greet the fine ladiizzzzze. Po pimpin > j00. >_>; ... ... <_<;...

   Battle System? Mannnn, this gizzame is fo po pimpin tha lizzies, why you gonna fight? I got my gat and my nine in both my pockets, and an even bigga gizzun in my pants, y'eard me? Ain't no mess with fightin, bawh. This a coooooooooooooool game, no stress, just lots of lovin and money. WHERE MY MONEY. See, thats what the fightin for, bza! I give you jewels, I give you home, I give you customers, where my money! PO PIMPIN FO LIFE! That's why I gots tha THOUSAND ARMS, so I could fight you and still hold my laddiiezz, YA HEARD ME! PO PIMP!

   You want somethin in on this INTERFACE pimp? Aight then, pimp. So you see pimp, this pimpin inherface is pimpin po thousand arms, dig? You got tha menu -- chose a fine choice, because it gon cost you for the nite! then you gots tha armor -- don't touch the rain without a raincoat, pimp, or you'll get BURNED, if you know what I'm sayin, y'eard me? Then you gots tha weapon. They say tha weapon size don't matta, it how you fight widdit. Yea whatever, pimp! PO PIMP! You start out this game wit a BIG weapon but when thugs wanna get in on this fine princess-lookin lady you fight and try to burn em, but YOU get burnt because ya weapon get broke in two! YOU a minute man, mannn! That's how you pimps start out the game, as a minute man, and you gotta pimp yo status up with the inherface menu screens and dungeon searchin and WHERE MY MONEY!

Silly Little Comment on Screen
Silly Little Comment on Screen  

   You gots to get the pimpin music for the right time, you see? Because while you Thousand Arms-in, you still only got one "Weapons-in", if you KNOW WHAT I MEAN, pimp. So you set tha pimp mood fresh with tha Barry White and Isaac Hayes, y'heard, and none of that Ja 'Rule bull caca that crowdin the pimpwaves right now! Then get in on the Boyz II Men wanna make luuuuuuv to you, and watchin that po PIMPin brah on South Park, that Chef Pimp, I call him Chimp, he gots some GOOD pimpin music fo that SHUT YO MOUF! WHERE MY MONEY!

   Fatlus sez this game is tha originalnest, but it ain't original, fo shizzo. I'm tha originzl Thousand Armed pimp! This is my life story, heard me? Except the broken weapon part, my weapon NEVER broken, dig me po pimps? This game is based on THA orignal, but it AIN'T orignal, if you know how I'm sayin. All dem fine filles in that game, they all mine, see? They paid me to get tha ex-pizzosure to tha mainstream media, so I let them get in on this Playa-station game. I'm the original.

   Plot? HAH! I plot my weapon in the garden, heard me? Ain't no plot but pimpin and thousand armin, and it all goooood. Like I said, I was a prince that was unjustifiablickedysplittedly shoved out my 230987 room mansion, y'eard me? I had to fight back with my weapon and the ladiez, y'eard me? I get my mansion and my pimpdom back, you heard? That's how I have the funds to make this gizzame. It's a plot about my po pimpin life. EXCEPT about my broken weapon. That just a little humourandom bit in there, po pimpin. Neva happened to me. Never.


Cutesy or Realistic Name

   Replay Value. Heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllll's yes. What betta to replay than pimpin on fine ledizz?? I replay all nite and all mornin, playa. And then I send them out to work, and I gets my dough, feel me? Cuz they do. Awright! They feel me, yeah! I gots to go now, they feel me. That means my satismufaction is more important than you sorry po-pimp wannabes readin this review on a lesson how to be po pimps. Only way to be a po pimp is to grow a thousand arms and be BORN a po pimp, nah mean? So if you buyin this game, you admirin my pimp stratus, and just wannabe pimp but neva be as pimp as I. YUH!

Now dem graphlicks? hooooooooooooooooooooWEE! Dem curves, on the ladies, and them weapons graphics on me? Superior pimpolographicology! You ain't find no playa-game finer than THIS one, buh! My po pimpin self is so pimpin it don't NEED three-D graphlics to render me in all fine glory. The ugly world around me needs three-D, but I stay in the TWO-D, because I get TOO-DEEP with the pimpin victimologies that I hire all day, know what I'm sayin?

Is this game hard? IS THIS GAME HARD? FO SHIZZO! It about PO PIMPIN PIMPOLOGY, playa! What you heard about? This game be HARD just like whut it be based on. Me, fo shizzo! You best come in with high expectations and get ready fo some sheezy action. It hard to get them ladies to talk to you, if you ain't po pimp like ME of cizzourse. So be prepared fo a challenge, geekazoids! PO PIMP FO LIFE!

You know the deal-title it.
thaz my FONE, ya heard! It ringin OFF tha HOOK all the time, cuz I a PIMP like dat.  

As for how fast you gon beat this playa-game, if you beat it in 1 minute, then you a minute man, you heard? YOU HEARD, wannabes? This game, you don't wanna know how fast or how slow it be beat, because I be fo-EVAR with tha ladies, y'eard me? Pimpin Paws knows this! Pimpin ASSV knows this! PIMPIN PAUL THA AMISH OMELETTE knows this! [Ed.: Psst: Paws is the only female. ASV and Amish are males.] ...YEAH WHAT???? You lyin. They lyin. Um I ain't that way, they lyin. I'M A LADIES MAN PIMP FOEVER! Uh, movin on, fo shizzo.

Concluding thoughts? *sob* I'm lonely! Somebody hold me! ;_; I just want some attention...

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