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Anyone who says this game reeks is wrong.


Review Breakdown
   Battle System 10
   Interface 10
   Music/Sound 10
   Originality 10
   Plot 10
   Localization 10
   Replay Value 10
   Visuals 10
   Difficulty Impossible
   Time to Complete

100 hrs - 200 hrs




Title Screen

   Who's heard of Final FAntasy mystic Quest? I have. And I like it a lot. IT's a great game. It's really really good because Square made it and they know their stuff. They're game brings the charm of a role playing game and sticks it in an easy fun game to play. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is good and here's why.

   The battle system is great! People at squaresoft designed it, so it must be good rite? Rite. You get to fight enemies with two characters. The enemies look at you as you see the battle from a point of view behind your two characters and the fight graphics are cool, like if you hit someone with a ninja star it does a little "tic tic tic tac" thing and it's impressive looking. The realtime battle is done really well -- you've never experienced turnbased battles like this before.

   The interface is also awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent font makes it look good to the eye. The menu is black and the font is white, something that lets you read it easy. All the spellbooks are cool, which are used for magic. You can use the equip menu to equip things like swords and other things you normally equip. Some people may not like the map screen in that you just go from point a to point b without really being able to explore, but Square made it, so how the heck can it be a bad thing?

The menus are really innovative and I like how they look.  

   The music is good. Some of it sucks, but the music rocks. It uses primitive sounds which help us remember it's a fun videogame. And whoever the composer is I'm sure he is a rock and roller because the music rocks. The only problem is the battle music, the world map music, the main theme and the town music. Also what kinda sucks is the boss music and some of the dungeon music. But regardless, the soundtrack is the most flawless soundtrack in the world.

   Final Fantasy MQ is the most original game out there. It added Mystic Quest to the game series name so it looks like a totally new game. It also has a different logos. The dev team at Square did a good job making the battles original. They're goal was to make a simple game but it ended up being so original. The battles let you fight and cast and run, something that's very original and I've never seen.

   I forgot what the plot was so I can't explain it. I played it a while ago but I remember it was a good plot. It has a lot of heartbreaking moments with backstabs and surprises, and it's by square, so it's a good plot. If they made a book I would buy it.

   The game is well localized. The characters have no emotion and are cold like much of us living in this hemisphere (just kidding) so it's localized right for the environment. The game could use a little more contemporary words but it's a good localization that's perfect.

Cutesy or Realistic Name
Ha ha ha, I like the girl, I am jealous.  

   The game ought to be played again and again and again. It's too fun to put down for more than an hour at a time. After you beat it once, there's supposed to be this little secret elf cheat code that lets you play the original final fantasies for the NES and then use the characters in the MQ game but I never found it. But I kept playing so that I might find it and I'm still playing. With that as evidence, FFMQ has excellent replay.

Now to the best part -- the graphics. I can't see any characters clearly, which really really does well for the game because it is a MYSTIC quest and if it's Mystic it should be hard to see things the way they really are so that means that the characters should be hard to see. The towns are ugly and the maps are uglier, while the trees are kinda pretty, which makes it even more Mystic or mysterious. Whichever. It's really a good looking game.

The game is impossible to beat. You'll be up for 200 hours trying to win it. But it's so fun that the difficulty makes it fun to play. I love everything about it because it's made by Square and Square is not able to make a game that is less than excellent ad Mystic Quest is no acception. Square's Mystic Quest is so hard that it's really really fun!

You know the deal-title it.
Oh who am I kidding -- this game reeks..  

And that's good that the game is fun because the game takes 200 hours to beat, 100 at minimum, and because it's fun it gives you 200 hours of fun time (or 100 hours if you rush, but it's 200 if you take it normal, but you can do it shorter). So it's kinda a long game but you'll get used to it.

Concluding thoughts? Yeah -- go buy this game! I paid $100 for it on EBay and it's worth it. It sucks so it's great to play because the game kicks total butt. Try it!

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