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Issue #114 Good Morning MMOs
April 17, 2008

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Welcome to MMORPGamer.

Last week brought us late night action. This week, I'm here bright and early for all the early birds. I'm sure there are earlier birds, but they're all crazy. The last week has been hit and miss so far. I've got all the hits and misses to follow. And off we go!

  Pirates Come Together

Pirates of the Burning Sea

At virtual press time, Pirates of the Burning Sea players are able to transfer from the many sinking servers to one of the four still afloat. Flying Lab has decided to bring the server populations together.

With game mechanics such as port ownership relying heavily on a robust, squabbling population, this comes as no surprise. This issue should be laid to rest as the debut of PotBS continues worldwide. Players have nearly a month to decide which server they'd like to join. The ones accepting transfers are: Roberts, Blackbeard, Rackham, Antigua. All others will be dormant until the population requires their use.

  Cryptic Listens

Champions Online

The latest "Ask Cryptic" section on Champions Online's official site features a great fact: Cryptic is listening. Earlier in production, Cryptic decided it would take too much time and resources to allow customization of ability animations. After last week's loud roar from prospective players, the team has decided to look at developing this feature. They make no promises about getting it in before production, for which I'm thankful. I could care less about this minute way to customize my character. I just want to play this game.

Lovers of customization can further rejoice with the rest of the news from this section. The devs say that players will be able to alter the size of muscle mass and major features, granting full customization of the hands and facial features. My hero won't have Jay Leno's chin, though. I'm staying far away from that one. For the full Q&A, visit the official site.

  Sword's 3.0

Sword of the New World

Though Sword of the New World's 3.0 patch is not expected until early 2009, 3.0's improvements have slowly trickled over from our Korean friends. Three major points accompany the 3.0 concept art:

  • Pet companions: Not to be confused with the current summons, these companions will be controlled by players, though how isn't yet clear. They can loot, but may or may not have abilities.
  • Fesos: This new currency blends in game money with the cash shop. In areas where cash shop passes are required, Fesos drop. They're tradable and can be used to buy certain items in the cash shop. More details on the use of this currency will come later.
  • Graphical Upgrade: This already gorgeous game will look even prettier.

    These updates look wonderful. They're a far way out, but that will only make everyone excited for the updates inbetween and the further details on these updates.

  •   O RLY? YA RLY!
    Mila Kunis Loves WoW?

    World of Warcraft

    A recent interview with Mila Kunis, known for her roles in That 70s Show and Family Guy, reveals that she's an avid player of World of Warcraft, and she's pretty knowledgeable on the subject. She knows about the new expansion, can name most of the races, and quotes Leroy Jenkins in the interview. When asked about the major cities, though, she hesitates and calls her boyfriend, Macaulay Culkin, to help her out.

      Media Grotto
    Sword of the New Concept Art

    Sword of the New World

    Though 3.0 is far off, Sword of the New World's concept art for it already generates excitement.

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    Sadly, no letters came in this week. Hopefully, dreams of Mila Kunis dancing in readers' heads won't draw letters away. Letters are always welcome here, even if they're just to debate whether Meg would play a dwarf woman or an orc woman. Either way, I'm sure she'd be just as unimportant to her family.

    Jake Miller (mail me)

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