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March 27, 2008

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Welcome to MMORPGamer.

Once more, I wrench myself from my old priest in World of Warcraft to write an installment of MMORPGamer. Patch 2.4 has robbed me of all sleep this week. I'm sure that I'm not the only one, so commiserate as much as you'd like.

Done? Maybe you didn't at all. Shame on you. Either way, you still deserve the following news:

  Fury of the Sunwell Online

World of Warcraft

After much speculation, World of Warcraft's patch 2.4 is online. Tuesday's maintenance was rocky as most 70-level players fell on top of the Isle of Quel'Danas. In the new zone, players can contribute to the new faction, the Shattered Sun Offensive, as both the horde and the alliance battle to progressively take over the island.

The world event will take place over time, with each player contributing to the effort by completing various daily quests. After enough of the phase's quests are completed, the next phase will begin. With each new phase, new amenities are moved to the island and the conflict will build while impending doom hovers over Azeroth in the shape of Kil'Jaeden, active leader of the Burning Legion.

This patch marks the end of the Burning Crusade storyline, paving the way for the next expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. Personally, I've had a grand time taking on these daily quests and feeling like I'm once again able to affect the world around me, much like the old days of Ahn'Qiraj. However, this experience is much more involved. The other additions, like the 5-man instance Magisters' Terrace and the raid on Sunwell Plateau, are perfect representations of what Blizzard has learned in their years of holding WoW above its competitors.

  Blizzard Invitational Sold Out, Gives Gift Bags

World of Warcraft

Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational sold out quickly over the past weak, leaving many people upset or happy, depending on their status as ticket holder. With a few kinks in the payment system, many would-be customers are hoping to get tickets even after the event has sold out. I wouldn't hold my breath.

For those lucky few, however, Blizzard has released a few details on the goody bag available at the invitational. While the list isn't complete, it includes both a beta key and a new noncombat WoW pet. My guess is another Murloc, maybe one with a little beret to commemorate the event's setting. New updates on the list will be available as the event approaches.

  Generous Pirates Give to Buddies

Pirates of the Burning Sea

This Monday, Pirates of the Burning Sea will unveil its new "Buddy Key Program." From then on, each player will have three keys to hand out for free 14 day trials. They last until they're used, so any lonely pirates still have a chance to make a few friends before passing around these freebies.

It's no surprise PotBS doesn't just embrace all friends, like most MMOs that have free trials. This is most likely a beginning step for the new game. In the future, it's inevitable that free trials will become more accessible.

  Warhammer Delayed, Embraces Collectors

Dragon Raja

That's right, it's happened again. Warhammer Online is delayed. For now, the date is set at fall of this year. Originally, the game was set to debut in the first quarter of 2008. After a delay to summer that was termed "set in mud," I'm not surprised that we're all faced with another delay. For now, we'll all have to stare at concept art and youtube videos until the open beta starts.

For those that would like to join the open beta, make sure to check out the Collector's Edition that was just announced this week. Among the goodies is a guaranteed invite to the beta as soon as it opens. The spiffy box features a miniature and original graphic novel. Also, ingame content such as exclusive titles, quests, items, and "character heads" are available. These two bits of information surely warm and cool the heart of the lonely Warhammer enthusiast.

WoW Player Pays 20,000 Gold for Special Mount

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft players far and wide appreciate the rarity of some endgame mounts, including a certain phoenix and bear found in Tempest Keep and Zul'Aman, respectively. However, many would be right in thinking that paying for the latter with 20,000 gold is beyond insane. Kharmen, of the Talvinarr server, paid an distinguished raiding guild to run Zul'Aman for her to get the bear mount, which is only a cosmetic difference from other epic land mounts. Sure enough, they made the transaction in a swift 35 minutes, and the gnome had a new bear to sit on.

  Media Grotto
Warhammer Screens

Warhammer Online

Here are a few official screenshots for us all to gaze at while we wait for fall's release of Warhammer Online.

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Though I would ordinarily be very saddened by a lack of letters, I'm happy to be able to get back onto Quel'Danas to help my server, Greymane, mount its offensive against Kael'thas. Now that it's clear that I'm a lore nut, I need to run away swiftly.

Honestly, though, more letters are always appreciated. This week's announcements are perfect fodder for anyone who feels for these games. Let me know how you feel about any of the above or anything else you want. Rants and raves are always welcome here.

Jake Miller (mail me)

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