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Issue #93 Mr. T Knows Computers
November 22, 2007

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Welcome to MMORPGamer.

As I write this, I'm traveling on a train for the first time in my life. After being yelled at by the crew, withstanding the train horn for hours, and enjoying the cafeteria car's only vegetarian option -- grilled cheese -- I'm thankful for the experience. I'd recommend it to anyone hoping to get to their destination in an adventurous, archaic, and affordable way.

I hope you're all having a wonderful Thanksgiving today. Let's get to the news, shall we?

  Shatner and Mr. T New WoW Mascots

World of Warcraft

If you haven't yet caught the new World of Warcraft commercials on television, you're missing out. William Shatner boasts about his shamanistic powers in one and Mr. T makes up his own "mohawk" class in the other of the two clever ads.

I watched these on the official site as soon as I heard about them, but then later saw them on my own TV last night. They're really funny, and they have that Blizzard sophistication about them that makes them appeal to adults. Blizzard's official movies site has both available to stream or download.

  MMO Calendars for Charity

MMO Portal has teamed up with St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital to create an MMO Calendar for sale until November 25. All proceeds go to the hospital, and buying one enters you into a drawing for a one of ten prizes for each game featured.

Included in the calendar are the following twelve games, each paired up with the corresponding prizes:

  • Age of Conan -- Beta Key
  • Dark Age of Camelot -- One Free Month of Game Time
  • Dungeons and Dragons Online -- One Free Month of Game Time
  • Eve Online -- One Free Month of Game Time
  • Everquest -- One Free Month of Game Time
  • Everquest II -- One Free Month of Game Time
  • Guild Wars -- Copy of Guild Wars: Platinum
  • Lord of the Rings Online -- One Free Month of Game Time
  • Pirates of the Burning Sea -- Beta Key
  • Star Wars Galaxies -- One Free Month of Game Time
  • Warhammer Online -- Beta Key
  • World of Warcraft -- One Free Month of Game Time

    The calendar is only available for the next few days. It's for charity, so there's no reason not to pick it up.

  •   K2 Brings Thanksgiving Goodies

    Sword of the New World

    K2 Network Games is sponsoring a 1.5 experience weekend over in Sword of the New World to celebrate Thanksgiving. There will also be a bunch of events run by the GMs.

    Since the game is a fantasy reinterpretation of the discovery of the New World, Thanksgiving is getting a bunch of events. I wasn't given many details, but head on into the game to check it out and get extra XP.

      FFXI Stocking Stuffers

    Final Fantasy XI

    This month over at the Final Fantasy XI official shop, Square Enix is offering some new keychains. Included is a Fifth Anniversary keychain, emblazoned with a running chocobo.

    They've got a bunch of cool items there, including chocobo plushes, mascot straps for your mobile phone, and rings to show your own patriotism to Windurst, San d'Oria, and Bastok.

      A Lone Letter

    Dark Eden Reboot

    hi this is otaku nick

    i'm a now and than annoyance to the qna peoples cause i tend to go out on tangants for no reason.. well anyway you asked about our opinions of mmo's that change hands and this brought up a recent grumble point for me.. some years back i found this free mmorpg called dark eden.. dunno if anyone but me knows about it sometimes but recently it got closed down by the old provider and a new group has reopened it.. well more like said its opened than 10 minutes later kill the servers cause some person had a minor problem and instead of fixing it and applying a patch it takes them a month of dead server to figure it out.. this has been the most annoying thing cause its an old school UO clone but a fun one especially if you like being a vampire.. and i do. sofar for 2 weeks its been stable so i guess i'm happier but i miss my old character.. yes.. they did a complete wipe of EVERYTHING!!!! but this also came with a minor visual tweek that made it atleast not look like a plate of ralph

    but that's my story about mmo's that changed owners


    You're welcome to write in anytime you like, Otaku Nick. I don't know much about Dark Eden. I've tried to google it and the only result was a Thailand MMO. That might be the one you're talking about, but for some reason the page is too heavy for my computer to handle right now. I'm thankful for Thanksgiving 56k. Grrr.

    I suppose that some developers prefer to kill a game in order to get a patch out, but that must have sucked. A month of dead server would have probably killed my interest in the game, but a vampiric MMO like this one might have kept it intact.

    Send me a link if you happen to find one. I'd like to try it out, especially now that it doesn't look like "a plate of ralph."

     Log Out

    This train ride is coming to a close, so it's about time for me to pack up and head to my Thanksgiving destination.

    I've got to apologize to all you EVE Online fans. I left the trial too early and was swept up in WoW Patch 2.3. Ever since the awesome XP boost came out, I've been boosting up my alts.

    I love to level up my characters, so I've decided to start up a new priest to experiment with shadow in the faster leveling environment. Hopefully he'll get some attention this weekend.

    Moral of the story: If you're still playing EVE, try out WoW. I know it's traitorous of me, but you might actually like it. Topic for next week: things you're thankful for in your MMO. I know love my new XP boost in World of Warcraft. What's your favorite aspect of your game, new or old?

    Until then,
    Jake Miller (mail me)

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