Battle Curt Schilling in EQ2 I RFOnline gets magazine, free trial
Stray Bullet kills Wolfpack I LOTRO Europe Beta Signups begin
Issue #62 Minimized May 24, 2006

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This week's column is going to be a bit shorter than usual, as RPGamer has me working with Shawn Bruckner on a special project.

It was also a slow news week!

 Battle Curt Schilling in EQ2

Everquest II Sony Online Entertainment announced today that Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling would be making a special appearance in EverQuest II during the Yankees vs. Red Sox baseball series on June 5-7.

No, Curt himself won't be playing, but his evil NPC will be in the game. During this time, every time the NPC Curt Schilling is killed, SOE will donate $5 (up to a $10,000.00 maximum) to the ALS Association. ALS is the disease better known as Lou Gherig's disease, after the Yankee infielder who died of it. Players can also type '/ALS' to donate during this time.

After the 3-day period, Curt Shilling will remain in the game as a high level enemy for players to battle.

 RFOnline gets magazine, free trial

RF Online Rising Force Online, better known as RF Online, now has its own official magazine. The magazine, appropriately named "RF Online Magazine" launched yesterday with its first issue, with the cover feature "Fight Clubs."

In addition to the magazine, RF Online now has a 10 day free trial download over at FilePlanet.

 Stray Bullet kills Wolfpack

Shadowbane Shadowbane producer Wolfpack Studios closed its doors earlier this month.

However, that's not the end of the story. A new studio, Stray Bullet Games, has been formed by the employees of Wolfpack Studios. Unlike Wolfpack Studios, the new company is independent of Ubisoft.

In one last twist, Ubisoft has contracted Stray Bullet Games to oversee Shadowbane.

Sean "Ashen Temper" Dahlberg, Community Manager of the old and new companies, noted that "Stray Bullet Games definitely does not plan on being a one-trick pony. And, of course, we have the goal of designing and crafting our very own next-generation MMO."

 LOTRO Europe Beta Signups begin

World of Warcraft I've noticed that any time anything happens on the North American Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar site, the Europe site gets the same thing roughly a week or two later. Beta sign-ups are no exception.

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In addition to the special project I'm working on, I've been doing some work in the dev department, too. That's kept me busy for this week.

This week's news wasn't quite as empty as I thought...

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Ross "Mmm, special project" Bemrose

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