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Issue #58 Fools April 4, 2006

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I mentioned last week that this column might go up a bit early. That's when I thought that April Fools Day was on Sunday. Once I realized it was on Saturday, it was too late for me to change the column intro without anyone noticing.

I like April Fools Day. If you've ever visited VGMusic on April Fools day, you probably already knew that. It became a yearly tradition. From upside-down pages, to changing a bunch of links to hamsterdance.wav, to DMCA shutdown notices, and other mean fun things.

This week, a lot of my time has been spent playing Kingdom Hearts II. Too much time, in fact, as I've already beaten the game!

 What a Bunch of Fools

There were a few April Fools day gags this year. I only knew about 2 of these on April Fools Day. If I had known about the others, I could have done a full column on them...

In game:

  • Everquest II - Players would receive random status messages, such as taking immense amount of falling damage... without it actually happening.
  • Everquest II - The quest Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt was given out, with the reward being listed as a ring that has +100 to all stats and +1000 to power and health. The quest required you to get items that don't actually exist in the game. After two hours, the ring, a non-equippable house decoration, is automatically mailed to you
  • Dark Age of Camelot - The most obvious change is horses being replaced by oversized men clapping coconuts together. Other changes include incredible shrinking epic enemies and NPC guards being "out of their minds"


 Ubisoft Closes Shadowbane Developer

Shadowbane Only weeks after it was announced that Shadowbane would now be available for free, Ubisoft has announced that it will be shutting down Wolfpack Studios. Wolfpack Studios will close its doors on May 15, 2006. Ubisoft has indicated that it intends to concentrate development in its larger studios, which are working on games for the next generation systems.

It is unclear what will happen to Shadowbane following the studio's closure.

 Stargate Worlds Early Info

Cheyenne Software Here are some early details about Stargate Worlds.

  • The game will revolve around 3 major factions.
    1. The Free People - The good guys from the shows
    2. The Control People - Those who seek to enslave and rule
    3. The Entropy Group - Those who seek only to hurt and destroy
  • The game will be based around small groups, 4 or less
  • The use of instances is being considered, but is not likely
  • PvP will be in the game starting around halfway to the level cap
  • PvP is intended to be end-game
  • The game is still in the planning stages, and will not be released until 2008 or later

 Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire

SOE Fan Faire Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire event takes place this Thursday through Saturday at the Marriot Marquis in Atlanta, GA.

Among other things, the Fan Faire hosts the Everquest and Everquest II Live events, the Everquest II Mob Madness Tournament, a costume contest, and access to several developer forums.

SOE also has a Gold Pass, which includes a special brunch with developers.

 FFXI Kokba Hostel

Final Fantasy XI In an upcoming patch, Final Fantasy XI will gain an area named the Kokba Hostel. The Kokba Hostel is a special area that can be reserved for Earth-hour long blocks of time.

The Hostel was added as an area to hold private events or meetings in the game, such as weddings or strategy meetings.

Kokba Hostel may only be available to players with the Aht'Urghan expansion.

 Log Out

It's hard to believe, but I've already beaten Kingdom Hearts II. Of course, that time had to come from somewhere, so my WoW guildmates aren't happy that I haven't logged on since early last week.

If any of you send me email, please include [MMORPGamer] or something similar in the subject. Clicking on my signature image will do this for you. The reason for this is that my RPGamer account receives all mail sent to the news@ address. This address receives a lot of UCE, and it's a lot easier to spot things that aren't spam when they're specially marked.

Ross "won't mention what he thought when he saw the Kokba Hostel bit" Bemrose

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