Who Dat Pokémon?
Round 4
Marakachi & Shinboraa
Who Dat?

Welcome to the fourth installment of the weekly RPGamer series, "Who Dat Pokémon?" Last week the guesses ranged far and wide, with staffers disagreeing on whether to describe Churine as a tulip bulb or an onion, and Ocelot might just have guessed that Pokémon's Dutch name.

This week we have a pair of single-stage Pokémon from the arid, extra dry desert of central Unova. It's a difficult, sand-swept environment, full of danger and mystery. It's also full of Marakachi and Shinboraa.

(pictures taken from Bulbapedia)

As I said, Marakachi and Shinboraa are single-stage Pokémon, with no previous or subsequent evolutionary forms (yet). All appearances to the contrary, Shinboraa does not have any links to the Unown. It appears to be derived from various Navajo designs in the American Southwest (hence the name Shinboraa / Symboler), while Marakachi is probably a cross between "mariachi" and "maracas."

Now it's time for the guessing to begin! Here's what our panel of staffers think they should be called:

Staffer Suggestion #1 (Marakachi) Suggestion #2 (Shinboraa)
Gaijin Saguarumba Ariconik
Rosestorm Cactaflora Totemmosa
Sarahvait Cactik Roanoake
Sabin Point-settia 19th Angel
Green Nu Floflow Tecotzl

Be sure to let us know on the message board which names you like best, and tune in next week!

Your man in Japan,

Gaijin Monogatari

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