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Ishizumai & Ishiparesu
Who Dat?

Welcome to the second installment of the weekly RPGamer series, "Who Dat Pokémon?" Last week's premier was met with general fan appreciation, though I was embarrassed to discover that even as I was writing the original version of the feature, Hihidaruma's official English name was announced. So his name is now Darmanitan. General consensus is that any of last week's suggestions would have been better.

One of this week's critters has already made an appearance in the anime version of the series, but as far as I know (figures crossed!) it hasn't gotten an official English name yet. Let's hear it for Ishizumai and Ishiparesu!

(pictures taken from Bulbapedia)

Ishizumai and Ishiparesu are obviously hermit crabs with rocks, and that's about what their names mean. Ishi is one way to pronounce the Chinese character for "stone" in Japanese. Sumai is a word meaning "house" or "habitation" (it gets the Z because of Japanese phonetic combination rules). So Ishizumai means "lives in a stone," more or less. The paresu in Ishiparesu is actually an adapted form of "palace" that's often used in the names of apartment buildings over here. So these two aren't the most creatively named pair in the game, but they're still interesting and useful.

Now it's time for the guessing to begin! Here's what our panel of staffers think they should be called:

Staffer Suggestion #1 (Ishizumai) Suggestion #2 (Ishiparesu)
Gaijin Hermite Lobstrata
Rosestorm Geocrab Largogeocrab
Ocelot Decapip Reclurock
Sabin Papahotrocks Pirogeocrab

Be sure to let us know on the message board which names you like best, and tune in next week!

Your man in Japan,

Gaijin Monogatari

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