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Deathnote March 16, 2006


Another week has passed so quickly that I can barely remember where it went. I have begun work at Best Buy, and I really love my job. But it comes at a price; I no longer have my set hours anymore. While I lived in Japan, I actually worked more hours, but I was able to do the column consistently. Now I work fewer, but I struggle. There are two main reasons for this. One is that my hours are less standard, and another is that I spend more time with my wife. I do not wish to give up Japandemonium, but the only foreseeable way to keep it going is to move the date once again. From now on, Japandemonium will update on Thursday. I hope this extra time will give me the time to give everyone the column that you all deserve.

In gaming news, I have been given the task of reviewing Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim . So far, the game is decent, but there is one major problem; the game is rife with loading. I have never played the PS2 version, so I don't know if it shares the same problem. But for a system with so much promise and so few RPGS, it's not a bad choice. If you can stomach the loading, it's pretty good so far.

As for this week's title, I know I normally pick a Japanese word, but today I read volume 3 of Deathnote. It is by FAR the best manga I have ever read. In fact, it's among the best books of any kind that I have read. Tsugumi Ohba weaves a story that keeps twisting so much that you can't believe it. But the thing about it is that it keeps doing things that are amazing. You think it can't top itself, but then it does. Essentially, the manga is the story of a battle of wits between two highly intelligent people. I've never seen something written so well. I recommend it to most anyone. Go and get it now. Right now. Do not pass go. At eight bucks a book, it's MORE than worth it.

But enough advertising. I swear that neither Vis Media nor Shonen Jump Advanced have paid me to say that. Although if they're reading, I think I'd make a good spokesman. Silliness aside, let's get this party started!

 Dengeki Rankings

This was a rather interesting week. There are a few returning titles, but a great many of them are new. It's rare to have a chart with fourteen titles and have this many new ones. I'm also a bit surprised that Seiken Densetsu: Children of Mana only took fifth. I was expecting it to take the top honors this week, but it seems that not even a Square Enix RPG for the DS can overtake the almighty power that is Gundam. The top marks go to Mobile Suit Gundam: Climax U.C.

That said, let's take a look at the numbers!

Position Title Publisher Platform
5 Seiken Densetsu: Children of Mana Square Enix
6 Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth Square Enix
8 Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou Atlus
11 Suikoden V Konami
13 Doraemon Nobi Futo no Kyouryuu 2006 Epic Company
15 Disgaea 2 Nippon Ichi
20 Tenkabito Sega
27 Eye Shield 21 Max Devil Power! Nintendo
29 Pokémon's Mysterious Dungeon Blue Nintendo
38 Mario and Luigi RPG 2 Nintendo
39 Bleach: Hanetareshi Yabou SCE
41 Suikoden 1 & 2 Konami
43 Pokémon's Mysterious Dungeon Red Nintendo
44 Monster Kingdom ~Jewel Summoner~ Gaia

Source: Dengeki Online

 Tempest Blows in Three New Characters
Tales of the Tempest

Namco revealed three more characters that will be joining the cast of the first game in the long-running Tales series to appear on the DS Tales of the Tempest. The game features 2D battles in 3D fields and retains the Linear Motion Battle System, a series trademark. Also, considering the game is on the DS, the player can control the action via the touchpad as well.

Telkis Baronay - He is an 18-year-old prince of a small kingdom on the borders of Areulra, the place where most of the plot unfolds. Strange disasters have been befalling his country, so Telkis goes to Areulra to find answers. Along the way, he meets Caius and the others.

Follest Rudwauyan - This 45-year-old servant is Telkis's guard. Considering his extensive travels in his youth, he serves as a guide of sorts for Telkis as he searches through Areulra. He's a pretty nice guy, but he makes good use of his hulking 6'3" frame and huge axe to scare away enemies.

Alla Eckburg - She is an 18-year-old priestess that is having some doubts about church policy. Unfortunately, she is unable to leave her post as a priestess. She is also a magic user and wields a staff as long as she is tall.

Sources: Game Watch I Famitsu

 Kuzunoha Raidou Summons New Screens
Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou

Atlus has given us yet another look at Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou. The game was recently released in Japan and is on the Dengeki chart above. So far, there has been no announcement that the game will be coming to North America, but the game looks interesting enough to make me hopeful. In the meantime, please allow these four new screens to keep you company while you wait, possibly indefinitely.

Source: Famitsu

 New Tengai Details Surface

Hudson has brought Far East of Eden Tengai Makyou 2 Manji Maru to the DS. The game is a port of the windows game of the same name that was released way back in 1992. The game tells the story of Manji Maru and his battle against Yomi, a demon king revived after slumbering for a thousand years.

This port also introduces a couple firsts for Hudson. It is the first portable game of this series, and it is also the first fully voiced portable game that the company has released. Also, due the fact that the game is on the DS, players will have the option to use the touch pad, but this is not mandatory. The game can also be played without using the stylus at all.

Far East of Eden Tengai Makyou 2 Manji Maru hit Japanese shelves on March 9 for the standard price of 5040 yen, but the odds of this game seeing light of day outside Japan are quite slim. If you like, you can at least enjoy the game's official website.

Source: Game Watch

 Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria Limited Edition Goodies
Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria

Square Enix has announced the limited edition goodies for Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria. The "Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria ARTIFACTS BOX" will retail for 14,910 yen and include a posable figurine of Silmeria and a soundtrack with music from both games.

Valkyrie Profile: Silmeria will hit shelves on June 22 and a North American release will likely follow sometime later, but nothing has been announced yet.

Source: Game Watch

  Culture Corner: Ask Sensei

For the first time since the Culture Corner began, I have no letters. Not only was it a slow news week, but it was also an extremely slow week for mail. I suppose it was bound to happen someday. Such is life, but maybe I'll be overflowing with letters next week. There's only one way to find out.


I know it looks like this week's column is late, but it's actually on time. Sort of. From now on, I'll be posting later in the week. The beginning of the week is too full of work and other duties, so I am forced to go later now.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I'll be busy working at Best Buy, but if you happen to live in the New Orleans or Metairie Area, come by the home theater department. I'll be the handsome young rookie running around like crazy trying to sell TVs.

Catch you on the flip,

Jordan "The human whose name is written in this note shall die." Jackson

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