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Atlus Shows Project Re Fantasy, Catherine: Full Body



Atlus revealed more details about two titles being worked on by the company's Studio Zero. The first details concerned its recent announcement of Catherine: Full Body, a remake of 2011 platforming adventure title Catherine coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, which also received its debut trailer.

Catherine: Full Body is set to be released in Japan during the winter of 2018/2019, with Atlus USA confirming the game is also coming to North America and Europe. As previously detailed, the game will feature a third main female character called Rin who also becomes involved with main character Vincent. The new version will also add more episodes for both Catherine and Katherine, new animated videos and events, and alterations to the game's puzzle mechanics affecting both ends of the difficulty scale.

The other update concerns Studio Zero's fantasy RPG Project Re Fantasy. Though there were no actual details on the game itself, a new video was supplied with English subtitles showing some art and early concepts for the game. The company also released a bizarre bonus concept video of an armoured knight eating a cooked pigeon.

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