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Sword Legacy's Locations Detailed


Sword Legacy: Omen

Team17 has released a new trailer for its turn-based strategy title Sword Legacy: Omen. The video shows how travel will work in the game as well as combat and exploration in some of the locations that can be visited. Each of those locations was also provided a brief description.

Set in the politically broken kingdom of Britannia, Sword Legacy puts players in control of one of eight knights as they explore the kingdom's domains. The player begins in Mercia, where a once honorable court has been torn apart by a usurper. Northumbria, meanwhile, is the largest domain and covered in snow and cold. The domain's leader, Lord Caydern, strains to save his people. Anglia hosts the Order of Terah, a monotheistic sect whose faith is strained with the disappearance of their leader.

Kent features a near eternal spring and visits from the Faye, though its leader struggles to maintain control of her people while the neighboring Wessex begins to amass troops near their border. The people of Wessex, led by a power-hungry duke, are known for their willingness to engage in cryptic studies and alchemical experimentation.

Sword Legacy: Omen will arrive on PC in 2018.


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