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Nintendo Details Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Update


Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Nintendo revealed details about its upcoming updates to Xenoblade Chronicles 2 scheduled to be released on December 22, 2017. The update will provide the first DLC included in the Expansion Pass for those who have purchased it, a set of the following items:

  • Driver Essentials Set: 10 x Rare Core Crystal, 1 x Legendary Core Crystal, 3 x Overdrive Protocol
  • Upgrade Parts for Poppi: 30,000 ether
  • Pyra's Favourite Things: 5 x Jenerossi Tea
  • Nia's Favourite Things: 5 x Ardainian Bear Carving

In conjunction with the Expansion Pass items, Nintendo will also release a free update to all players. This update will include some bug fixes, as well as an easy mode for the Tiger! Tiger! mini-game and improvements to the in-game maps. It will also add some bonuses for player's second playthroughs, allowing certain unnamed Blades to join the party, letting Blades like Pyra and Dromarch be in Merc Groups, and unlocking the level four special attack of a certain unnamed Blade.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is available now for Nintendo Switch and is the third Xenoblade game, following Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X, though all of the titles are standalone. Those looking to read more can check out RPGamer's spoiler-free review.

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