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Plenty of Valkyria Chronicles 4 Details Revealed


Valkyria Chronicles 4

Sega updated its offficial Japanese website for the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 4, revealing lots of new information and screenshots for the game. As detailed previously, the game returns to the setting of the first trilogy of games, during the Second Europan War between the Atlantic Federation and Autocratic East Europan Imperial Alliance, but in a different part of the conflict and with a new cast of characters. It follows Squad E of the Atlantic Federation as it embarks on Operation Northern Cross in a final attempt to win the war by capturing the imperial capital.

The leader of Squad E, which is from the Kingdom of Edinburgh's 101st Division in the Atlantic Federation, is First Lieutenant Claude Wallace. Claude graduated at the top of his military academy class and has the ability to forecast forthcoming changes in the weather and use them to create military advantages. He is joined by Second Lieutenant Riley Miller, who he was childhood friends with but lost touch. Riley is a heavy weapons specialist who is great at calculations.

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The two are joined by sergeant Raz, a Darcsen and without a surname as a result of their persecution. An assault soldier, Raz gets into arguments quickly but cares for his comrades. The final member of Squad E detailed is sergeant and sniper Kai Schulen. Kai is generally quiet and curt and has the nickname "One Shot Killer".

Also detailed were members of the opposing Imperial Army. The first character introduced is Crymaria Levinc, a member of the special X-0 test unit and one of the series' titular Valkyrias. Crymaria is accompanied by a wolf named Fenrir. Second is Lieutenant Colonel Klaus Walz. Klaus is part of an independent group within the army called Ausbruch, and relentlessly pursues Squad E on their mission. Another member of the X-0 test group is Forseti, a Darcsen. Forseti has a leg injury that prevents him from being actively involved in combat but is a talented tactical officer.

The leader of the X-0 unit is Belgar, a noble from a country annexed by the empire. He has a great interest in technology and uses the empire's funding to advance his interests. The final two characters are also members of X-0: Nikola Graf and Chiara Rocino. The pair were raised by the research branch overseen by Belgar from a young age. Both like tormenting others, with Nikola preferring to inflict mental anguish while Chiara prefers physical violence.

Similar to other games in the trilogy, Valkyria Chronicles 4's story is advanced by selecting passages from a notebook, which will show events or lead to battles. Prior to each battle there will be a briefing screen where strategic details are provided and players can select which characters will participate. The BLiTZ combat system is turn-based, with each side receiving a number of Command Points (CP) per turn. Players use CP by selecting a character from the top-down command screen and having them move and do actions in the real-time third-person perspective.

In the action perspective, players can freely move the selected character a certain distance while all other combatants remain static, though static enemies can fire at those who move in front of them. If players encounter an attack this wish to attack they can enter targeting mode to aim and fire. However, enemies can counterattack if they are not defeated.

Characters who fall in combat remain there for up to three turns or until an enemy touches them. Once this happens they are considered dead and cannot be used again in the game. To avoid this, an ally character needs to touch the fallen character and call in a medic to evacuate them, which happens immediately. The game also introduces a new system where a character about to fall in battle enters a special state where they can do one final action: either a counterattack or a boost for nearby ally characters.

Valkyria Chronicles 4's combatants come in six classes, one of which is new. The scout, assault, engineer, lancer, and sniper classes all return from the previous games. The new grenadier class, meanwhile, allows players to conduct long-range strikes away from the enemy's line of sight, aided by scouts discovering enemy positions. It can also do counterattacks when hidden enemies are detected.

Valkyria Chonricles 4 is being developed for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game is planned for a worldwide release sometime in 2018.

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