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Indie Update: Twenty-First Edition


Indie Games

We return with the twenty-first edition of our series designed to help RPGamer cater to the ever-increasing number of indie titles that our staff regrettably does not have the resources to provide full coverage to. The idea of this column is to quickly pass on the word about certain games to our readers that they might otherwise not be made aware of, and we hope both readers and developers find this useful.

This edition of our indie update column features the following titles: 8-Bit Adventures 2, Schatte: The Witch and the Fake Shadow, Where They Cremate the Roadkill, Pixel Noir, and Blue Omen Operation.

8-Bit Adventures 2

Developer Critical Games is currently working on its retro-styled RPG 8-Bit Adventures 2, and recently released a demo for the title. The demo is available either through Steam or the game's website. 8-Bit Adventures 2 features seven playable characters who are aiming to defeat the Glitch, which is lashing out with distortions and placing the world and its people in danger. The game is planned for release for PC in early 2018.


Schatte: The Witch and the Fake Shadow

Japanese indie developer DiceyCraft recently released its action RPG Schatte: The Witch and the Fake Shadow via Steam. The game is available for $14.99/€14.99/£11.39 and stars the titular witch Schatte. She uses her bat ally Lumiere to reveal enemy shadows, which Schatte can then defeat with her magic.


Where They Cremate the Roadkill

Where They Cremate the Roadkill is a surreal title from The Gunseed Collab, available now for PC via Steam. Priced at $11.99/€11.99/£8.99, the game features open-world exploration and real-time combat, though other features and details about the setting are somewhat harder to immediately ascertain.


Pixel Noir

SWDTech, developer of Kickstarter-funded title Pixel Noir, announced that a beta version of the game will be released to backers, while the game's alpha demo will be made available publicly via the game's website. Pixel Noir looks to blend a detective story and turn-based JRPG-style combat in a film noir setting called Pinnacle City and is planned for release in early 2018 on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Xbox One.


Blue Omen Operation

Finally in this edition, Blue Omen Operation is a game in the final stages of a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. At the time of writing, the campaign, which ends on December 6, 2017, has nearly quadrupled its $15,000 goal. Blue Omen Operation is inspired by 2D command RPGs such as the Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series, with a demo available to download via its Kickstarter page. The game is being developed for PC by BananaSoft, with an initial planned release date of late 2019.


Please note that coverage is solely at staff discretion. Developers are asked to please not personally petition RPGamer staff via e-mail or social networking. Coverage is not guaranteed. If you are a developer looking for coverage please check our indie submission guide. Thank you!


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