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Trailers Provide Glances at the Humans and Elves of SpellForce III


SpellForce III

With the release of two new trailers, viewable below, THQ Nordic is bringing some close-up looks to two of the three playable factions in the upcoming SpellForce III. First up are the battle-hardened humans from the war-torn kingdom of Nortander. The video shows the majestic city of Greykeep, the fields of Liannon, and the harbors of Everlight. Next up are the elves of Finon Mir, whose beautiful and proud exterior hides a servitude to a racist aristocracy who won't tolerate those who are different. Both trailers culminate in large-scale skirmishes to give a taste of the combat that's in store.

Developed by Grimlore Games, SpellForce III is a RTS/RPG hybrid, and takes place before the previous titles in the series. It includes both single-player and cooperative campaigns as well as competitive multiplayer modes for up to eight players. The game is planned for release on PC on December 7, 2017.

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