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Demon Gaze II Details Dating, DLC Announced


Demon Gaze II

In a recent blog post, NIS America provided some more information about Demon Gaze II, which releases this week in North America and Europe. The post concentrates on the dungeon-crawler's demon dating system, also known as "The Maintenance Game".

During the course of the game, players will collect Maintenance Crystals, which let players participate in the Maintenance Game with a demon of their choice. The goal is to try and raise the demon's Likability stat, which has five levels and grants extra powers with each level. In the minigame, players need to find and touch the "sweet spot" on a demon. This spot will not necessarily be in the same place each time. Once players have raised a demon's Likability to the next level, they will be able to take them on date events, with different demons showing different personalities.

NIS America also announced various pieces of DLC for Demon Gaze II. The DLC will be released a week after the game, on November 21, 2017, in North America and November 24, 2017, in Europe with the following pricing groups:

Free —

  • Revolutionist Support Set A — Includes Undies Gem (x3), Furniture Gem (x3), Bronze Gem (x2), Gold Bar (x1)
  • Revolutionist Support Set B — Includes Strengthen Gem (x1), Furniture Gem (x3), Accessory Gem (x3), Gold Bar (x1)

Free for first two weeks, $0.99/€0.99 after  —

  • Dungeon Support Set A — Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Fairy Balm (x1), Cure-All (x1), Star Tree Seed (x1)
  • Dungeon Support Set B — Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Meat (x3), Wine (x1)
  • Dungeon Support Set C — Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Gunpowder (x5), Super Gunpowder (x3)
  • Dungeon Support Set D — Includes Katana Gem (x3), Sword Gem (x3), Shield Gem (x3), Luxury Horn (x1), God Gold Coin (x1), Silver Bar (x1)

$0.99/€0.99 —

  • Surprise! Three Noisy Cape Set! — Includes Monster Cape, Adult Cape, Chirp-Chirp Cape

Demon Gaze II is a sequel to the 2014 PlayStation Vita release Demon Gaze. The dungeon-crawling RPG, developed by Experience Inc, is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita in North America, and releases in Europe on November 17, 2017.

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