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First Wave of God Eater 3 Images Appear


God Eater 3

Bandai Namco has begun releasing more information on the recently announced God Eater 3. This info comes alongside screenshots of the game and concerns such subjects as the protagonist, new locations, and new Aragami.

The protagonist of God Eater 3 is adorned in a taped-up outfit with a cape with the Fenrir symbol on the back and wields two God Arcs, a unique feature among characters in the series. Two of the locations he will be able to visit are a canyon and a ruined city.

New Aragami also make an appearance. As of yet they are all unnamed, but the highlighted one will be able to switch between quadrupedal and bipedal movement. Its primary method of attack will be to attempt to devour players and its array of attacks changes between modes as well. Players will be able to counter these new Aragami by utilizing new actions. The God Arcs can form together to become a two-handed weapon and cause Oracle Cells to spill from the right arm. The gun form of the God Arc can fire a new laser and is the first example of the new gun type.

God Eater 3 currently has no announced platforms or a release date.


Click here to see more screenshots.

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